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Galveston the nasty place
March 28, 2009, 1:40 pm
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 DOnt go to Galveston. There is men walking the board walk near beach that have sex and beer cans all over the place.  On the beach there is piles of human wase products.  U cant see a inch in that gray water.

Im sorry if im ripping the island — u know i have free speech.

kempwood goodies masterbait
March 26, 2009, 11:25 pm
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masterbaitkempwood   Yes the goodies are shot out of the dick.  Thats 

right.  Yea i know that gofer does strange things.

 like have the fat ass at 114 do cats all day long.

U know its good to stare at cats all the time and feed those stinking shit cats its so normal.  Plus to to 10000 kempwood and con that lady black guard that is accross the way to get in the hot tube with u.      Yes that guard sneeks off there security post at nite and gets in the fence some how .  This guard named terry takes off all her clothes and gets in the hot tub naked and gets me so hot .  Those titss of hers

,,,..  and my dick goes in tat tight pussy god help me . But im making this all up.  O that old folks apts they got a sec paro from  sanj on gessner  thats right . Terry is the best fuck thats right  this all happen in  1972. Well there was not spring woods junior hi school then and or north brook.  Its gettin late now and the female wolfs under barton springs need there protein.  Thats right i live with them.

So now what ? news
March 26, 2009, 9:32 pm
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egar1 Well sparkey had to shot the wad in there underware thats right  choke the chicken again.

Now it will hurt like hell.  Well i gort talk to that fat so and so in cow town. It cose like 79 centobos.

I just dont know .  WHat ill do when i see or meet the blimp. I dont care long as they got a pussy.  Thats the main thing for the dick wants excuse me if its to graphic.  Any way i goter got to brush the teeth with female body juce o sure.  Might as well deleat the hole program here and start over.  U know its the dick that needs attention. 

Just where is that barbara g .  She can be here in a jeffy. With the sagging tits and gut and harry pussy.  JuST get over here.  I knos the the deal.  Sit on the couch and put my hand in your shirt and feel your tits and here they come out , next is my dick for it will be hard. 

Get down and suck it.  Next is me naked and she will take off her c clothes and lay on the bed.  Ill finger her pussy the knob . Yes it will be jucy.  I guess ill lick it its kinda deep. Then kiss her good and put my dick in the pussy.  Cum as many times as i want.  And try to fuck her in the ass.  Coud get hot and hotter. Like 8 or 10 hours of sex acts some are preverted .  I dont care long as the dick gets satisfied.

who is reading sex stories n texas ?
March 26, 2009, 4:58 am
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U know its early in the morning ,in fact its 7 am.  There is  that fat lady walrus here to day .  Good morning how are all the mexcans on kempwood.  Are they all naked and standing near the statue of liberty.

Looks like they are naked from here.  Any way all there doing is waiting for the school bus.  That bus takes them to a naked high school called swhs, thats right.  Each friday they have a pep rally yea, and some principals daughter shows here tits off at the rally thats right this ant made up . May be it is, since its 1972 all over again.  What a thrill going to bear creek park and feeling of her tits and seeing her naked.  Her big tits on my dick i cum o hot stuff.

No i dont use a rubber i ant pg or nothing.  No she never got in me. Cause Terry is married and it wont work.  May be i saw her once at wm and did not know who she was.  Just looked or tryed to at her tits. Who cares.  All this is made up.  Catfish is tired again and needs to crash.  They kinda can smell them self and need to take a shower. 

No catfish likes to smell like a virman o sure.

Security Guards at profess guard and patrol
March 24, 2009, 1:51 pm
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Hello uncle billy. How are u making all that money ? U have billion of accounts and dont pay nothing to guards.  Well let goer say long time ago they borrower tires from the trucks and drank beer on the job .

Need grocer say more indeed i can. Thats right i know ever thing. 

Yea i could make the fucking sched. It dont take a bird brain to do that.

Just see a icon on the screen on of the top dogs like uncle billy the second  litlly did. Yes litlley got his head way up ub ass.

O i can talk about security pros of Tex also and city twin. How about securitas and there holy burns security or wells forgo guard

service. Its just too bad lucky has free speech.

O there is a old black man that got the silver patch on there shoulder that live at that inn on 290. That works at pgp.  O such a pretty uniform.  Sure can retire o sure.  The one that really can it lutty or uncle billy . Since Lutty dont have no benifits. just makes like 700 a week probably.  Ill say more as age sets in.

Dino saur tracks / fake man tracks

Well there in the paluxy river i made some man tracks and i plucked em out .  What? Thats right i use to live with the dinosaurs. Last nite they had a party in that river it was a beer drink sex party the dinosuars had sex with me and i sliped in the mud.  

Yes there is a fat ass mexican that sleeps any time in a chair at 9540 kempwood apt 114.  And leaves the door open.  Who cares any way.

Im concerned with walking accross the dam at the paluxy river.  I can do this naked o sure.   Any way its 71 degrees there in Glen Rose.

That fat ass needs to unzip a zipper and pluck it out.  And put his mouth on it.  Please start sucking so the dumpster cats u feed can watch.  I gocfe really need this done .

Yes go to hwy 290 some where and get on 6.  Its up to u.  Go past Navasota,College Station .  Go to 340 i guess and get on it.  There is the lake there stop and have sex with a man or a donkey female . Its all normal.  Then go to mederian if u can find it.  Its a wonderful trip.  U can see the folks in the cars are all naked thats right.  In fact there is a naked kinda fat lady thats 4.11 and 156 pounds here now feeling of pancho.  Thats my dick.  I have to put my dick in that  tight pussy.

First they need to get on top . It goes all the way in.  Now this is all lies.  Yes the preverts and swingers need to have a party here.

Im ready to do 2 ladies at once.  They got to have big tits and not be fat.  Well they can be little plump.  No men can feel me or suck me. Lets all get naked and see things.

March 23, 2009, 1:42 pm
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I bet they do wild things down there.  They get these virgin ladies that are young and get preverted with them.  In mexico they dont care o 17 is ok.

March 23, 2009, 1:34 pm
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Yea goter got free speech. IM not for KING OBAMA.  Yea once i fucked his wife sure did.  She wants white meat thats right.

But this security gurad at 9540 kempwood i showed him in the morning.  O there is this 10 foot stick i found thats right.  I stoped at the holy gate and put the stick on my pants where the dick is.

Well the stick was up so the mexican moron guard coud see it. Well

wiith the left hand i went up and down on the stick and stuck out the toung like i wanted to jerk off .  Thats right.  Im so sorry its a figure of homo sex.  Any way the secerterry near 1960 needs the dick so she can feel better.

Yea i know there is men that would want the tube stake in spring branch.  May be there on friendship street.  But it cost 700 billion to see the dick naked.  No it dont  all one has to do is go get some everclear and wine from fiesta. And mix it.  Come party with these fat ladies and me.  I got a big jucy hot dick.  But these human female cats come first .  Im streaching the truth.

But there is this lady that likes to have the curtins kinda open at a inn on i guess 290. Loter has seen the figure and they have big tits.

I cant beat the meat now im saving lots of hot jucy cum.  There is a lady thats 4.11 feet tall that should win the gift in cow town.

This is for all the bi sex and swingers out there .  UFO flyer would like to meet em some time at wishes. Thats on little york i guess.

its easy to find out things
March 22, 2009, 3:27 pm
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just to to so and so on here put in what ever and find out there game.

they try to bs u that dis path does . O they think there some one when there  chinga got no benifits  nothing its just a job.  just like the temp places.  So hells bells  hello there near 1960 yea  i know your stupid game.   it dont take a brain of a dead fish to know your lame games. 

281 – 770 -1957

that moron at the dispath
March 22, 2009, 2:14 pm
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That jack ass called goler today. Sounds like a robot. Fax crap shit on the head . They must think i looser is so stupid i dont know what they up to.  There trying to brain wash again just like before.

Well i know there bull shit ways.  Ant got nothing elst to do than call guards and bs them again.