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lay lady lay
July 15, 2010, 1:01 pm
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Yea ist about o sex understading. Any way some one is needs lots of things. Probably missing a part of life.  Any way just watch the video of jaws.  Wait this dont make no sence.  Well just go get some brandy and go to hwy 521.  O yes years ago some fool was out in a shed when it was10 degrees out side or some thing like that.  They had all kinds of blankets on to kep warm.  But drank all that brandy it done some thing to them.  O they unlock the gate and went to this strangers house and was all fucked up.  Then left and ended up in the street some where  ice covered windows.  That recker knocked on the windo and said go back to the gate. O they did and was so fucking cold and hid in the shed . Bozo came by to see if they was ok.   Garbarge can will never do that again.  Go to that place on hwy 521 and rap up in warm stuff and drink that bottle of brandy .  That brandy kicks ass and creeps in and stays.  All this is just a story  and never happened.

Potty testers on kempwood
July 15, 2010, 10:15 am
hollister pottty mouth

 Hello out there . Is it hot out side. Right now im sitt on a dump box in the middle of hollister street.  No thats not so.  So hello all u good looking guardies near gulf bank.  O so do u like to scan men with the great wand and see there legs ?  And u like to stand on that funing cement and have your feet hurt.  Well im at the dich near North Brook jr takein a bath thats right.  In that bacteria laden water.     

hurricans cause brain leaches to grow
July 11, 2010, 1:56 pm
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wet backs in action

 Yea today is today,  Dont u feel good about your selfs cutitn and twisting lead seals on el trucks ? Hey guardies ooo your so talented.  O the ones that have brass on there soulder ooo thats o go great, with no future .  No benifits . Hells bells how can u stand the heat wearing that black shit clothes.  O oo i guess im cutitn the morons down thats just too bad.  Hells bells o o nothing gong to change out there less u do .  O the rubbers give to the ufos that are fighting in outer space. Yes gofer may need one to put on the dong to prevent pg thats right.     

Miama Garden Apts – what gofer thinks
July 11, 2010, 12:03 am
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O yes that place well let me tell u .  It used to be painted pink on the out side.  And  there was hookers thats right.  O and they let illegals live in any unit. There is roaches and u have to keep things clean all the time.  They change managers there when they feel like it.  Dont know if the cameras are recording any thing.  When it rains real hard streets flood like kempwood.

strange x rated things near blalock _o yea_
July 10, 2010, 11:44 pm
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Well since its after two its ok to walk down blaock i guess.  Better bring a tank and a spot lite.  Thats right.  Any way just put on some shoes and go bear ass naked down that road.  O they may call the law thats ok really.  Get a free ride and some clothes u know .  No just go to patterson road thats better no one is on that road. Its nice and dark there.  O take some one that does incest some spanish blogfd and get her excited.  O she got a husband i guess gofers guesses.  Its all a lie.  Thats right . Well loter put there hand on the dick and tryed to get juce out of it. That did not work .  So at that inn close to magnum there could be a hook need  ride.  O there was down gessner one nite.  Yes gofer was riddin a 15 speed and there was baracades in the road.  Some hook stoped him and got on his front tire and said not to go down that road.  Should had taken  there advice. Any way this cum is n the dick and wants out but got to be done the right way.

the scam at 9540 kempwood or mexican ville
July 10, 2010, 7:38 am
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Thats right .  That fin office dont give a dam. All they care about is money. There lettin the grass be tall as hell.  And they switch managers so they can say any amount u give. They rig up there records so it will be erased.  Call gofger a trouble maker or what ever.  O and u tell the orricle office some one is scoping out the place and they dont care.   O it use to be painted pimk out side but they make it look pretty out side.   The person who owns the place is the same one as before .

shadow people or monsters near kempwood

monsters near campbell road

Yes there  on yahoo games playing pyrmides those monsters. In fact there comming out of the computer thats right. O there got this game called chase.  O yes they the mexicans go to the statue of liberty on kempwood and chase each other naked.  O what tails gofer can koge up.  Yes and that fat lady that lives on durst road is here. Thats right.  She is feeling the dong in my undreware.  O now puling it out and going up and down with her hand .  O its getting wet. There is lots of milk comming out.  That hot stuff.   O there is that real fat fat thing knocking on the door,. O now puttin her mouth on the dong and sucking it.  Thats a lie.  In fact ever thing is on here. This hold thing is made up. Why not just open the door and go out side naked.  If there want no law may be sinful would.  No gofer just cant go out there naked.  O yes kempwood if that street could tell the past what went on.   O some ones dong can i guess.  Some choke chicken and some in and out.