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Security Guards at profess guard and patrol
March 24, 2009, 1:51 pm
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Hello uncle billy. How are u making all that money ? U have billion of accounts and dont pay nothing to guards.  Well let goer say long time ago they borrower tires from the trucks and drank beer on the job .

Need grocer say more indeed i can. Thats right i know ever thing. 

Yea i could make the fucking sched. It dont take a bird brain to do that.

Just see a icon on the screen on of the top dogs like uncle billy the second  litlly did. Yes litlley got his head way up ub ass.

O i can talk about security pros of Tex also and city twin. How about securitas and there holy burns security or wells forgo guard

service. Its just too bad lucky has free speech.

O there is a old black man that got the silver patch on there shoulder that live at that inn on 290. That works at pgp.  O such a pretty uniform.  Sure can retire o sure.  The one that really can it lutty or uncle billy . Since Lutty dont have no benifits. just makes like 700 a week probably.  Ill say more as age sets in.

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