Texas Moon

Stop doing that when watching smut movies
March 9, 2011, 7:30 pm
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Yea thats what i say. O any mexican or anglo touching there self when watching porn is going to see the devil.  Thats right.  Yes this is just made up.  O supposedly men lik to feel each other off.  But thats not normal. Well im wilting and tired.  That watching indian smut makes u  touch it and go up and down.  Rather have the real  thing. O yes ACRES HOMES.  I heard the converstaion .  DOnt care if that so and so sticks his dick in her.  Yes pancho is tired of choking the mule. The only thing it does is streach that muscle and its painful.

Dont do no good
March 4, 2011, 1:24 pm
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O last nite or this morning again they wanted to see the retarted guard card and your dl.  The best way to handle that is not be blown  up and mad. The guard checkers expect that.  Just give en that crap and go out side after ward.  O yes the reson they do that is control and weed out at sweetwater.  Just find another place to work and not quit .  Some one knows the game.

Why did u cut me off while ago ?
March 2, 2011, 7:40 pm
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Who ever is doing that stop ! Just because u want to sneek in and steel information and then sell it. I got ever right to say any thing on here.  Are u the asshole from that place on sweetwater ? Hells bells im tired of that.  Scanning those men then u get the idea to be with them. And be a homosex. I dont want to do that but it would be interesting . O yes a man feels my dick and then sucks it.  Thats grose. Any way gofer did ues to choke the chicken true or false ?  O u see i went to go pp while ago. O yes i did . Is that ok ? Well that pof is a bull crap deal. Im sitting complaining about things. I guess its cool out side. O there is not in site of the ghost lite near Saratoga- its all lots of lies.

History of the area
March 2, 2011, 5:27 pm
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Well it started out in Siberia . They the folks crossed that pennsula that was there many years ago. Then gradually came to North America as the Indians. There was tribes like the commanche . What they did to white folk is cut there sex organs out and ate then to get there powers.  Then setterers from Europe came over here. The french,spanish, and english mostly. Well english setteled up north. And had this revolution and got rid of England.  O yes there was witch trails . O these ladies had to strip a witch to see if they had magic powers.  Some got burned at the stake.  Then in 1821 Mexico had a revoultion to get rid of Spain. In the process a strong man got in to power known at San Anna. Mexicon let the folks in if they obeyed the law. Steven F Austin when to Mexico City for land grants. So later on the Texans did not go by mexican rules. So San TE Anna marched in to Texas to crush the revolt . There was a head the Alamo.  Well they could had just left the Alamo but no they stayed and fout.  Davy Croket, Jim Bowie, And William Travis. Was there.  Will Travis sent a mesage to the world for help and drew a line in the sand. Sam Houston the Commmander of the Texas Army wanted them to destroy the fort and leave. But no way. Sam Houston had time enough to gather forces against San Anna.  Well there is mor to it than that. Any way in 1900 there was folks living where patterson road is now. They got flooded out and many died. There is a old cemetory at hwy 6 and patterson road for them.  O u want to know about Spring Branch ?  It was setteled by German Farmers.  In 1964 this area was kinda new. O i guess i lived in a rent house on soway. A year later lived on Spring Valley. Thats where i met well i though a good looking . I guess that was my first lay . O yes Some one went to Spring Woods they wont confess they did thes years.

That lady in Temple TX
March 1, 2011, 2:37 pm
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This may soune kinda grose but its real. Back when some one was at day inte rnatioal .  Gofer started talking on the chat deal to a kinda fat lady in Temple. O gofer found out the lady wanted me to lick her pussy while i think her husband was watching . She even called me on the phone. No licking just putin the big dick in the pussy.  Thats right. O them colored ladies want white meat. Yes.  But hells bells. I think any in Texas is going to read this. Probably the preverts will.  No party with cows like Bill Mury did in the movie called STRIPS.

fun at kempwood donkey show
March 1, 2011, 1:31 pm
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 O yes just go to that rip off office and see what happens.  There is some guy to the left may be a manager or a leasing agent. TO the right is a japan lady .  Well the lady gets up and feel the pecker u got . O there not suppoes to do that . Any way this man come over and puts his hand in the pants and pulls it out. Well the pecker grows and is hard.  Both take trurns stoakin it. Soon hot streams of cum shoot out. Well thats a lie in a half. O well any way there is a retarted cow in the guard house. There mexican and have there buddies knock on doors and beg for money.  So whats going on ? At the pool all are naked in that cold water.  If u belive whats on here then im the man in the moon.

Houston Job market
March 1, 2011, 9:31 am
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Thats right ! If u dont have a certficatate in some thing other than warehouse or security guard work u are screwed.  O sure u can be cretified to drive a fork lift but its temp. That is call when needed.  O they can call u for 4 days a week or less.  And u can be liftin heavy box or cleaning the floor.  When u get like 57 or more u cant lift box constantly. O and the security guard card crap. O just go to Stan Shepard and give him money dont call these companies first.  Well call first and go to the one on richmond street.  O they will have u get a piss test or not and give u that brainwash book.  Then send u to that place near gulf bank road and 45.  The guard checkers wil come by and forcc u to show your dl and guard card all the time.  Thats for control and fear them.  Dont fall for that.  Then do what ever.  They treat u like a slave. There has been many that quit that place.  All that is on here is a lie.  Thats right go find out your self.

Human eating plants near kempwood
March 1, 2011, 5:27 am
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Yes i seem em with my own eyes. They must have come from barton springs in Austin i dont know.Yesterday chem trails came close to the ground and had seeds from another planet .  They landed in that area where the mexicans are building poverty apartments accross from North Brook Middle School. No thats a fabrication of streaching the truth.  Any way gofere needs some oatmeal with strawberries for breakfast.  There is no humnan eating plants near Kempwood. Just a old street thats been there since prehistoric time.  O those chem trails o the gov is spraying areas in H town for crime control.  O yes and the earth is flat and no one landed on the moon.