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All blackie said
January 31, 2013, 9:28 pm
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O all white black monster on hwy 529 said was lots of curse words. No thats not true.

Apine tap showed pluto the roaps. Thats right where the mode john was and the room

brake.  Now what a joke no vacation no nothing. Just like like before.  Hells bells.Now its 1042.  What they going to do call pancho and say got some wheres else toput u . Well since Sharon is not rubbing snake oil on the pecker.  It sure fells good.Well it did.  And that thing between thy legs. Kinda old but still can add thy goodies all the way in .  All this is strange talk.  Yes Fred said in detail about the gAnegreen thing in the guts.  Yes it was kinda grose. All that pain.  For 2 days seemed like pluto was in hell.  Looked at that tv close to that bed . It was changing colors and had the devil in it or some thing.  Yea and Fred wet the bed could not help it.  A nurse cleaned it up.  And Fred tried to sleep but they was deep in some where hurting and had bezar dreams all the time . That first night.  I guess Nit could not stand too much pain.  Bozo can stAND pain but. Still  remembers was in side near the stomak all black and grose looking so much bacteria it had to be taken out pronto.

the big log
January 31, 2013, 9:08 pm
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the big log

Yea its going to be a stinky one. Its pilled up in side the
building. Just a few grunts and the chicken has layed a
brown log.

O yea that place
January 31, 2013, 7:35 pm
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What a wonder ful experiece it was going there.  First it was the boy that had

complaints with.  Then it was calling the half eye.  Well santa clausae did at the

magic time , then had to call the sitter. First find the pp room.  Then check

the dumptser many times .  Ever 45 min look to the sun for answers.  Who the hell

wants to close eye there.  Yea they played there call the dead cow 2 times .

What a lazy kinda deal that is never learing a fin thing.

pooting for ms on shepard street
January 14, 2013, 6:35 pm
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Well this is a good poot yorrr is.  Just go over there and app away rodger doger .  They think there just run gorke over big time.  But no way.  That jack o

had the redest face and smiling  o yea.  Gorf boy seen it all.   Now tell me what company on this planet would not tell a workker tork the street address.

Ever since pluto was made the employers give street number ADDRESSSE so workers can go there and work.   Not no fin name of a street.

Yea gloter bets they do it to others some time .   Samsom says f&p on em.  Thats a code from mj12. Yae way back in history that was said.  Maybe in 1973.

its a catch 22
January 13, 2013, 8:11 am
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O yea lasy goes to the next cave and ask is ok to give time from mars in .  They say talk to Bobby Lade  . He say yo term no show.  Prevented the have a street address.   Its in plain view sign .  Instead just street name.   So just iqui thats it .  Then go to chief council    at time west.  Dont know how pluto remembers bobby laid in swjr.   May be hitting the side of desk with board of education.   And some ome that played football at SWHS  Randy Krome.  This never happened.

muddy ufo news for hwy 290
January 12, 2013, 10:49 pm
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I just dont know. Pancho has seen some one in the raw in that motel room  during the rodeo that time, sure was good.

Seen bag lady long time ago  for dick time.  Go away spider lady .  Hells bells did not know the time just flue by.

Had problems with the giant nose.  Orange juce cured it probably.  Why does the limyes  that long calls em want to

read what  a Long Tall Texan puts on here ? O Jerry Jeff Walker sings about London  and marble art station .

Any way its getting near the end of the trail presently.  There is no muddy news thats just made up.   Yall did not

know that the Tonkin Resolution was all made up . It sure was by the one and only LBJ.

security guard luni bend near hwy 529
January 12, 2013, 5:09 pm
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Yea there is a ab guard smoking a ciggeret that goes in a entrance looks around and leaves.  What a gloyious thing to

accomplish .  Getting paid may be 11 a hour for gas. Its that same purede that had that account at sweetwater.  Telling

Bob how hot it was  there.   O mycialw, the airport is gone plus the biggie  sweetwater.   Why of course Harvey still with

them o yes. May be may me not.  If he cook foods for that nurse home on blalock just go back there and loose weight.

But i bet he cant.   Who evenn cares what CSS told BOB .  Too many fibs.  Even all this above the man in the moon

put it on here   .  Well thats the glory hole news for now.