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kempwood winers o yea
February 28, 2009, 8:50 pm
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You see boys and girls i went to the blind store called wm. U bet i

did. Thats right. Things are kinda  slow now cause its 10 pm. Thats

right. Well after bruskies of bud is kinda utuated. What ever they put

in bud wise is showin. Now. Yes near the ankel is itching before it was

it was up a ways.  Well u know i heard yust now some one all poed.

 I think it is some dealers.  Long as i ant invol.

is kempwood sex cults reading it ?
February 28, 2009, 1:27 pm
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Hey thats right kempoood is rite there. It sure is ? Any way who is reading this garbarge ?

Where is bg ? That used to live on hammerly.

I think she still has black hair.  And a different

sounding voice.  Just come over u swine.   O u must have advanced

since yale pharm.  yEA ITS on shepard that street.  Just knock on

 that great door. Even though the floor has papers on it and as coke

bottle.  I dont care.  First sit on the sofa  let me put my hand in

your shirt.  I see those tits they fell so good.  There ploping out of

the bra i guess u got on .  Here feel my hard dick.  Dont kiss it suck

it.  Now i want to put my hand in your pants. Even though u are fat.

I dont care.  I guess u want to stay a long time . Ok.  Then that

means u want to do ever sex act good.  Come on where the bed is.

Well u can take a hot shower.  Here is a towel to dry off with.

O the bed .  Lay on your stomak .  I want to see some thing.

Ill just rub u down . As i widen your legs.  Im felling her but.

Now im trying to put my wein in there . God that feel so good.

And she dont care.  Now she turned over.  I can see her big tits and

sorta the fat stomak. Futher down is lots of pubic hair.  I try to

find the button and rub it. Her pussy is well kinda jucy already.

I put my dick in it all the way .  Cumming many times . On and on

it goes sex sex so i can get back when i did not have any .

mga 9450 tube stake
February 28, 2009, 11:15 am
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Yes o its real early.  Well cotfum lets black

spend nite and some black gets sperm from  

cotfum . Thats kinda dard to do when dick is

limp. Or there is a pool of that white stuff on el bed. Really dave came

over and felt of cotfum. Really dilly there is that mex lady at that

off standing with a cup.  They need to knock on the great black

dooooooor and lay down spread legs get ready for the jolly one.

9540 kempwood
February 28, 2009, 11:10 am
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Hey walobes,weird os mexicans, naked cats, what evers.  Yes just

go to that mexican office and say any thing.  They ask u hoe u is ?

Then u say some thing about that freak feeding those fero cats and

its like u are not there . I say fuck it.  I king fish stay away from the

dumpster cats.  Who gives a crap any way its time to move on like

the democratic commie party says.

sex with dead wood on the ground
February 27, 2009, 9:27 pm
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Ever seen some dead person thats bloated and

has magits and flyies .  Its grose.  U still can have

sex with it. Thats right.   I know a pig lady that

may try that.  That sounds unhuman. It really is.  Yea watching

night of the living dead once.  Then picking this hook or who knows

what up at a church on sheard drive once.  Thats not a smart thing

to do.  O there is hooks on jensnen drive i bet there is.  One of them

once wanted me to get closer but there is no way.  In fact there is

a topless bar on jensen.  U pay 23 at the door and the dancers will 

do any thing . Thats a easy way to get aids. .  I never had aids

 period.  Just wiped the mule a few times in the past.  That ant no 

good to do that.  In fact its laten homosex.  Trying to hide it.

Right now its 1044.  Well tonight i made the dick hard thats all.

Sill got lots of cum in side of it.  U know there is a preverted site on

multiply .  Put dog sex in the address box and it goes to that.

 There is this girl thats leaning on the bed.  And this looks like a 

siberian huskey smelling her pussy. Then it sticks its pointed dong

in her probably lots of times.  That is sick.  

Well u know i live under barton springs in Austin. And there

is these female wolfs that sit on my huger.  Thats right .  These

ladies from some club on rankin road went to this canaco gas

station once to follow me to where i was staying.  But i was so

dam tired  i did not know what they wanted.

Who’s reading this ?
February 27, 2009, 2:23 pm
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U want me to put on here who i had sex with ? And make up sex

stories.   Every time i use clorox i sneese.  Ok now i get it.  Ok once

at that so called marathon security years ago. I was at this place on

poast oak road near kinda 610.  I got over there and this bit tites

lady came out to see who was there.  She was in the up stairs.

Then there was igap well that was the first one after ewhip stock.

Any way there was this drunk lady that came to my car window

and ask if i wanted to get lucky .  I should had said yes.  Then when

it was so dam cold out side this girl in shorts walked out side to see

if i wanted to come where it was warm.

Well at the great UNCLE BILLLS on aldine bender < when they

used to be on 1960> . I was at this o empty building behind willie

nelsons club near red oak.  There was this black lady that got me

all horny. Then i moved to a construction site near by.  One nite

she sat in the front seat taking off her shoes and wanted to feel my

dick.  I was nervous and did not do nothing.

O the adventures in the past.  kinda wish Sharon was here for 2

fucking hours.  Yea i took a shower whit her once.  She has a gut.

And a scar on one of the tits.  Well i cleaned her back side with soap

and water.  She soaped my dick and i got hard and she jack me off.

But i did not cum.  Then on the bed . All i could think about was

puttin my dick in that pussy.  In fack thats what i did kinda all the

way. I came like 5 times. I should had fucked her from behind.

Well  there is some one called barbara.  And is kinda fat.  Her tits

sag.  Any way i could had her for 12 fucking hours.  But i would need

to drink some bud wiser.  Yea she has a big pussy with lots of hair.

I could cum in her so many times and get it sucked . And fuck her

any way i could.  Fuck that idea.

Now u get the idea i can put about nasty things on here.  I just bet

at wishes u could find some one . Its on little york road and 290.

Yea its now 406 words im using .

Bragg Road – Saratoga, Texas
February 27, 2009, 1:56 pm
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Hey i dont know if thats at bragg road or not.’

Well any way there is a strange lite at the rr

tracks out there.  I think its swamp gass.

But i saw some thing else it was a v shaped star formation . 

It looked very strange.  Was it one of those top secret planes the

gov has ?   Any way its 80 miles from here that ghost lite.

I bet its hard to find these days.  Cant be no clowd in the sky at

nite. Its pitch black out there no lites at all.  The woods are near

and u got to have a spot lite and shine it there i advise it.

The mess
February 27, 2009, 1:43 pm
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   Yea in down town Houston there was a tea

party today.  The trail tidders were gathering

on fairbanks north houston.   Seems the job 

market is well fucked if im allowed to say the word.   Yea unless u

got a degree that is in demand these days u are screwed.  Then u got

to take any kind of job i guess.  Yea walt and johnson will be on

93.7 the arrow that fm station in houston next week.  Yea they used

to pound that station on at day international.  There is no way in

hell i would go to where they moved to.

O go on and pay some one 350 dollars for a tow motor certificate.

That man says there is adds in the paper for fork lift drivers all the

time.  At excell there was a full load there working but it may be the

first shift  working there 4 days a week.

Kinda glad i guess did not go to a certain sec co in humble to watch

a movie that friday.

What else is goin on ? Its 3 pm and its 81 out side.   Just who is

willing to work this sec co for 10 more years no beinfits.  Its kinda

depressing work just observe and report.

Im trying to get away from all this sex preverted stories. 

But someone can come over thats kinda fat i amigine.  Dont care

at all.   For 12 hours i could do that and have some rest stops.

So i could get back all the time i ant got none.  No i dont need no

rubbers.  Might get prevert all that 12 hours who knows.

No i ant paying to get my dong sucked or put in a pussy no way.

O i cleaned some of the floor and the shower today .

I wonder if there is a lot at matagorda near bay city these days.

That hurrican tore up the road the five mile jetty  at tex city.

Just gettin out like out there would do wonders so u could relax.

Yea this is a long essay or free thinking blog.  I ant in lucky college

so i can put this on here.  But dont they got to issue uni after the

crim rep comes back these days ?

BOzo security guard statue of lib
February 26, 2009, 9:26 pm
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Yea that stupid guard putting its hands in a

window.   The next thing he going to do is

feel a dick probably.   O acting real tought

thats a joke. Some one has been at the fifth ward at houtx inn. Afew

years ago.  There repairing it now.  Well that maintence fellor with

 his so called gf.   Offering her for 200 dollars.  Bull shit on that idea.

That mongrel can knock on the great cave door some time.  All

cathook got is tons of hot juce from the dick.  Thats right. Gofer ant

paying for sex to put a skin on and a hour later thats it. Or soon as i

cum. Fuck that.  I just bet there is ladies that would want to meet

 the dick catfofer has.  I add more later.

security cos in h town
February 26, 2009, 3:35 pm
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 Yea go a head and fill out retarted form for

upsec.  O they want some jack ass to go to

bellare and hwy 6 . O and walk all nite 

constantly .  All a ape has to do is when pecker check is not there

go some where for a few min and sit thats rite sit. There fucking the

moronic guard that chose to go almost 17 fucking miles.  Think

about this in the morning at 7 all that traffic u got to go through

Then its going to be hard as hell to sleep.  Of course u got have at

least 4 fucking sandwitch es and may be donuts for energy. Those

owners are making like may be 25 a hour or more and the el guards

are making 8 a hour.  That means the guards are gettin fucked hard

in the ass.