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pulling the mule
July 28, 2009, 11:42 am
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U know  that feel good. Yes its homosexual so what. Yea one time i 

was at that club on 34 street. Ues up stairs with shorts on. Back then

it did not cost 80 dollars to go up there.  Any way this dancer sat next

to  me o yea. The dancer unziped my short and  i got hard as hell.

She felt of my dick and  started rubbin it.  I cum and cum and cum.

WELL any way long time ago i was at center fold. Yes i was on the

first floor. Tis lady dancer that know me from Austin nearly pullled

the dick out of my pants .  I should had given to chairty 70 to go up

stairs. Did not have to use a skin dont guess.

Strange sound kempwood
July 24, 2009, 10:38 pm
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Hello kempwood from New Orleans. Thats righ i can hear some thing dragged up stairs.

kristan2 go
July 23, 2009, 11:19 am
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U know there both in that car eating human flesh thats right.  I eat at mity burger all the time yes they put legs feet liver intestines in

there burgers. Who ever they are in that video they need to put clothes on thats right.  Well any way there is tons applying at this temp place. And at spot sec on jones road they just dont want some one that dont wont to work at BARC. Thats the city of Houston Dog pound.  Its rank over there. Get insults all the time cause of the white man did this and that. Never go back there no way.  Thats just too bad there so picky.

They said send it to so and so. Well i figure they already have accounts there at the city.  Experience well i tell u what.  I been to dangerous place in Hous as a security guard.  Staying awake and ths and that well i done my share. Jensen drive, near forest park cemotory on 45, pawn shops, that place near hilcroft and 59.

I dont need no excuseitis. Hells bells i could right a book on adventures as a security guard.

frankenstine and the washington dc
July 22, 2009, 9:01 pm
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Hello all u goodles. Thats right  hate all anglos.  U know i hate em to  o yea. Just string em up. Na im bull shitting u . Well frinkinstine just visited a house on spring valley street. Its near kempwood thats right. There is this big tites girl that felt of the dick thats right. Long time ago.  Any way how is the

kempwood swimming club these days ?  Did it
ever exist ? Whats with that black guy on the near corner with the
fence gone. I know he dont live there. He just visits.  Hells bells
guess what i go naked in the shower sure do. I got to shower soon
since i went to the store.  What else is there to say  on here.  Wear
fresh underware for starters.  What else ? Some moron says i
dont write worth a crap. Do u think i care. Lets see ill get like 5 or 6 hors of rest tonight.  Even if puttin warm water on the dong cause it tingles stop it. Thats self sex. There is this viedo on multiply that is kinda grose. This girl is naked and bending on the bed and lettin this big dog put its thing in her. That is discusting. Them donkey shows are /,.’,;’k, / I heard this drunk guy gets on stage and fucks or tyes to this lady with big tits . And the doney show the donkey puts its rock in on a lady and has a fit. That is lnjojoj/  Any way its time to take
a shower with that some one near henderson. I would no rubber used. I dont know . Time is flying by.           

kempwood and the monsters
July 22, 2009, 6:29 am
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Hello out there this is not from that NBJS no

way. Im one of those mexicans that make that

low income housing. Thats right each day i

show up for work with just ladies panties on.

Cause its cooler.  All the men there want to peek at the giant balls

and dick.  No im making this up.  From outer space i can see a

mexican lady at the pool thats got big tits, thats right. Well any way

miti burger i heard is a good place to have breakfast. Yea its been

on that corner over 39 years i think. There use to be a rilies food

store on long point. They did have a bingo place there.

U see playing pocket pool is not fun no more. Someone gets lonely 

wants the real thing.

kempwood poty sex ghost
July 21, 2009, 3:24 pm
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grose burg

grose burg

Thats right ever one . Are u there in Spring

Branch ?  Well hell the next thing ill do is 

have a picture of the john thats right.

O how is kempwood street doing ? Is it still

there after all these years of the mexicans using the bath room

on it ? And where is the pig these days ? O where is that lady thats

black and has huge tits . Once she was at the near the gate. Catfish

thinks she is a dancer. Any way im tired i need some bud beer. 

Bg u can go get me some . And sneek in . I gofer dont want no

creature to see u .  Just knock and get in . I want to feel your saggin

tits.  U can put your mouth on the dick, there is lots of cum in it.

Lets see u can be on the internet o yes. Just let me plug in the web

cam. I goer want ever one to see u naked and that fat. I dont care if

they see my dick in side u. This is a rated blog thats right. No the man

dont pull the mule no more. Rather have a nice lady do me good.

Yea i know all about the area out here. But wait there ant going to be

no pig from hammerly here no way. Some time may be there will be

some one thats got brown hair and so good looking. But first i got to

get the wick wet a few times before that.  How is going up gessner

these days to hwy 290 ? Get to see such things as scum bags.

O once some one rode a 15 speed down it  and some hook straddled

 the front tire . Should had taken her advice. Any way how is the

news on kprc tv ? Is it the same old crap ?

mid nite party at kempwood
July 18, 2009, 9:52 pm
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Well its ater mid nite. Bozo has not played bocket pool today. Ye  this

walrus lady stop puttin my weni in your mouth that sensation

is ;l’;,l[ . GOOD crash time.

do it
July 17, 2009, 5:55 am
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craw fish cant go naked

craw fish cant go naked

Im so sorry i cant go out side and be naked. For one thing itsaganst the law, there is kids out there,its not normal, go to the slammer fast, preverts do that.  Well years many in fact when there was no lites in the front parking area of NBJH near kempwood i and this well pig lady  that lived on hammerly were kinda naked.  I guess this hapen any way some one was nevrous and there knees shaking. O they used a rubber all right. Could had gone to the lisa motel on hempstead hwy. That would had been better. But some one had to get there nuts off.

Put me on that blog list ? 9540 kemp
July 14, 2009, 9:41 pm
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naked kempwood

Hello before beauti crash they got to put out the news.  Thats right.

There going to let that place go to hell they dont care.  The grass needs cuting.  Hells bells there is lot in the parking lot each day.  FS from Russia is ok i guess.  Getting the xhit is hell.  Well  gorf dog is gettin week an tired.  Thats right its on kempwood.

Well hello naked mexican human wolf ladies .  Few more sentences and some one has to crash.

ye certan security company plays app game
July 14, 2009, 9:25 pm
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GIter u see is deeply sorry for the inconvence of telling on that company. But hells bells .  That going to that warehouse and talking to that old bag lady that has a rotten rotten temper tamtrum. Yes

she is that old lady security guard at that funk gate a that ware

house.  Telling me all kinds of do that s and not do this.  And then fially  sayings thats a interview and then say to the office u go.

Hells bells coar had already been there. O i get to funk office and the gofer says call u back.

Then this time garbe go to that stink office in blue jeans cause that kind of work is low scum . O the others in slacks for just a job . Wait and wait and then they say will call just playing some one for a sucker.  Never go back there. Guards come in there bring there

uniforms back that tells u righ then and there some thing.