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x rated bag lady does retarted dog
February 28, 2011, 11:26 pm
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Yes thats right .  There is a bag lady that is near sweet water street in sink hole city. Oops goer got that rong. There seems to be a lack of communitation .  Dont know is they act the same way over there.  Those clowns retarted backwards talking securuty guards.  O one nite cuty pie robby started pringing where the truchs go in and out. Then Roby sat down and spread there legs and had a strange look on there face. Its not suck time yet.

Kempwood History from 1964 till 2011
February 24, 2011, 4:09 pm
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Well why do u want to know about this ?  Many dont remember kempwood as a 2 lane street. One time it ended near gessner . O this fellor moved the gate long time ago i guess.  There was the thunderbird drive in . It had 2 screens.  It was at clay road and campbell.  In 1965 there was not too many houses on kempwood. It was sorta a new street.  Down campbell road some buildings are painted gray. Thats the color they was painted in the past.  On spring valley street the Guidries, Taylors,Centenos used to live.  I dont know about the Guidries.  But the rest have moved, i think out of  Town.  O the Woods are still in that house on spring rock.   Yall still dont know who i am .  Givin out detiled information about kempwood.  O there uses to be the Kempwood Pool .  But i think Heb bout the land.  Where North Brook High School is used to be all woods.  Some one used to drive around spring valley and park in front of a house .  Yes and waiting for Gofer . That was many years ago.