Texas Moon

weirdos rest on kempwood
June 8, 2013, 4:53 am
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Thats right just the wierdos lay naked at the pool.  Giant frogs play up and

down on the weirdos when resting.  A certain part is hard as a rock and

frogs have premission to soit on it.  No there is no giant frogs.  Its all made

up.  Sounds like a rated gang bang  but its not.   Yea retatrted ducks go to

123 for the donkeys.   Appearently  gofer lofer needs beauty sleep.

need ufo candy news
April 6, 2013, 11:15 pm
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dsuckThe gofer is getting tired of playing with papa.  Yea dont do no good. And strains that muscle.  Any way thats sorta aobsceen jester in the picture i guess.   Any way  bet they do that in Africa some where .  There was this so called revealing a girls body by hand . On the smut box.  That what a driver named larry  said (playing with papa).    Any way gofer needs to crash soon.

Young life

Yea gofer knows the time.  Its not back in 1972.  Gofer guesses it was worring if graduate that empty place.

Just keep on saying slow leaner and  all that crap.  Lofer will ignore it.   Well hows the pretty guarde doing there.

6 or 7 what nose picks.  Hells bells walk 3 ways in a trance .   O this young life – is it on face book ?   May be

kempwood goes naked for low life is on there.    Its getting warm in here have the ceeling fan on.   So now

want to know about Gray Small well.  They moved to Dallas cause of the hurrican.  There are actually bugs

that are searching for food on the floor—- not really.

its a catch 22
January 13, 2013, 8:11 am
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O yea lasy goes to the next cave and ask is ok to give time from mars in .  They say talk to Bobby Lade  . He say yo term no show.  Prevented the have a street address.   Its in plain view sign .  Instead just street name.   So just iqui thats it .  Then go to chief council    at time west.  Dont know how pluto remembers bobby laid in swjr.   May be hitting the side of desk with board of education.   And some ome that played football at SWHS  Randy Krome.  This never happened.

The secrets of ufos
November 15, 2011, 2:22 am
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Thats right. Well i was going to put on here a picture of the front ppart of a cabin. O yes its real. Some where near Rye,Texas. But this lady might get rilled . Any way what a title right. Really its a fossil gofer found ner hwy 67. I guess so and so is pissed off cause some one did not get o the freewway . O if they would had breaks might have locked up. Just think if a ups 18 wheeler had been behind u Screw that idea. I guess no one is going to read this. Yea u put some thing on the net it stays forever.. Yes gofer has been so fin tired to day loss of sleep. What really is sin Rye,Tx ? Just woods thats all. Gofers eyes are bothering them. Yea she is sleeping maay be at the cabin. With others. Black clouds of locus are on kempwood now . There really a ghost from the past.

tired news for pooting kempwood
October 10, 2011, 5:56 am
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 Hello all the naked students at SWSH in 1972. Well goferr just made that comment about”tired poots from kempwood’

Thats right goferr soon needs a power nap. There mind is in the gutter right now.  Any way whats going on – well there is a intergrated high school near hammerly and gessner. It long time ago was not intergrated.  Never mind about that any way they used to live at the trails apts at gustne and gessner.  U know the one with big tits .  O how good they is or were to be a snobb. Thats right. Getting that fancy college degree from UT in Austin. Who cares these days ? Its good to know gofer will have a job till they kroke thats right.  Just cutting and adding seals. That takes a giant brain to do that.  What happened to all the folks reading this. This is a outstanding article about absolutely nothing.

Kempwood History from 1964 till 2011
February 24, 2011, 4:09 pm
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Well why do u want to know about this ?  Many dont remember kempwood as a 2 lane street. One time it ended near gessner . O this fellor moved the gate long time ago i guess.  There was the thunderbird drive in . It had 2 screens.  It was at clay road and campbell.  In 1965 there was not too many houses on kempwood. It was sorta a new street.  Down campbell road some buildings are painted gray. Thats the color they was painted in the past.  On spring valley street the Guidries, Taylors,Centenos used to live.  I dont know about the Guidries.  But the rest have moved, i think out of  Town.  O the Woods are still in that house on spring rock.   Yall still dont know who i am .  Givin out detiled information about kempwood.  O there uses to be the Kempwood Pool .  But i think Heb bout the land.  Where North Brook High School is used to be all woods.  Some one used to drive around spring valley and park in front of a house .  Yes and waiting for Gofer . That was many years ago.