Texas Moon

The Burnt Orange Austin
June 30, 2013, 11:12 pm
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To me that UT is far too big to start at.  All that money just to get started.  Plus its a shock

just to sit with 200 souls and try as fast as possible take notes. There is no reason to go there.

Go to a junior college first get a 2 yr  degree or certificate.  Be sure its some thing there is a

demand for.   That general studies crap that’s what it is.  Its like another high school

deploma . O they have degrees at UT for coms or geology.  But its hard as hell.  O u

may think I don’t like UTA .  Don’t madder.  In football its like a cult there.  Hey u libs if

u don’t like what I put on here that’s so sad to bad.   

Finding them fossils
June 30, 2013, 4:17 pm
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Yea trace knows where fossils might be in the Paluxy. But there not in that dino park.

I don’t know its been a long time since crossing . It shows on the map but there may be

snakes on rocks there.  Another place is pale face park, but the lake is really low.  O

once bozo swong by a rope tied to a tree kinda  in the bear.  Another place is side roads

near Love lady,Texas .  There rocks come alive and transform in to female ghost.  Not

really but its in east Texas where its all green.    

monster news
June 30, 2013, 1:41 am
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This ant about finding a security guard job for 9.  Its about litte green men entering down below.

No it could be Elton John putting his toung on the top of the dick.  He is a good sucker and in

bed mmmm.  No gofer don’t get in the shower and poll the chicken.  Its best with the

opposite sex.  Now I saw this really plumb checker at wm , if only drunk out of the mind

would the dick go in.  Never mind this is talking nasty.  There ant no monster news

unless its made up.  Where is Alice or Barbara may be Sharon.  Hells bells that rum and

cola slowly done the job.  Yea Ed from WJ was across the street at KTRK at the Tea

Party.  That accient is put on.  Any way gofer lofer  is resting under water at whats  left of

lake travis.      

nakey kempwood games
June 29, 2013, 12:30 pm
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Ok— lets start out with bag lady. Have her disporse her clothes at gess and hammerly.

O u get to see sagging tits,lots of pubic hair and may be a gut.   Who would want to do it with

that  probably a drunkin slob.  Then there is eats that’s least 210.  The grose walrus pig..

O yes gofer forgot about the pretty men on kempwood. They walk around at night ready

for action. A wini rost.  Don’t for get the used to be kinda plmp bag that likes dicks and

Art and Jonnie reb like to go in and out with.  

What to do ?
June 29, 2013, 3:31 am
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I guess yall want to figure it out.  First take a nav nooner that’s right.  For 120 min.

Then watch dave and that dancer from Hondorus get it on.  Tell the hole world about it.

Yea she and the rest moved to Big D a few years ago.  Fred has nothing to do with em.

Any way I bet a dip in barton springs would be great.  Or talking to the dinos at the

paluxy river.   Fred finish this masterpiece later. 

Its not goina happen
June 28, 2013, 11:11 pm
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Lets see don’t guess no one is reading this these days, may be there sleeping. It could be

there at the small cemetery at peck and long point  doing the nakey moon dance.  U know if

u say certain stuff on here and the NSA finds it the brown shirts will try to find u.  That’s

right say some thing anti policies our holy El Obama has and u will be deleated account. 

Any way its real late and Pancho needs to visit Patterson road for picture taking.

There is no way.  

naked monsters fight kempwood goouls
June 28, 2013, 3:22 pm
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spider Thata right naked monsters will soon invade the brain. Just  because rum and cola will take control.

I gofer made the title up so at least  some one going west on long point will read this. So sorry cant explain where long point is.  Well its that long street

in Glen Rose.  No try again —— ok its in Astrodome city.  Even the spider from near Lufkin  knows what a dong is.  Any way that picture is what Fred will

look like after they get cola from the store.    Hells bells there is a strange half orabge light that is above  where all thoie cows are put out to feed.

Yea its near hwy529 and kinda Eldridge.