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How to be a sg and be lazy
April 28, 2013, 11:38 pm
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Go to stan and get that guard that’s right. O its such a worth will effort. Having no benefits is marvelous.
Hell then go to UPs and ruin yo self.

Ageless News
April 26, 2013, 11:57 pm
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1960, i guess u could say they started Ele School back then.  They remember going to Glen Rose many times,snow ice cream, a girl named Pam,fishing trips. O yea they grew up all right.  Now for some reason there saying a name right.  Yea they painted schools and refinished desk and did the land scapping.  Fred is really getting silked. But really o it will be vodka and cranberry juce time.  Hells bells  just pretend there  in Austin or some where relaxing .  This relaying on the past for answerin is bs.   Yea some one met DRE at the trails in the 1980s so what .  O yea Pancho is aigzag in different subjects.  Hells bells yes going up yander  in a few would be interesting.  What Fred will do is no drive just get a glass add lots of vodka then cranberry juce .  It does take a effect .

strange motions near hwy 290
April 26, 2013, 7:13 pm
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O yea they wanted to know find a job with more dinero.   Yea get commissioned for gunnie.

Same thing all over again . Walk 3 steps and pick your nose.    Yea this so and so  lied like a

big do (saying visit not married ) hells bells . Pancho wants to visit http://www.sleep.com  soon.

They say funny stuff.,  trying to bs there not married.   Thats  hog  wash.

Huntsville Park
April 26, 2013, 12:56 pm
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Huntsville Park

Yea thats the monster there. Its at the park. It goes there at night to study for no reason. Yea the monster
supposedly signed up for geology courses that dont
mean a thing. Any way dont pay no attention.
The monster decited to drip all those courses
and be a lazy ass security guard near hwy 529.
At that place they walk around in circles. Some
times go to sleep. But these high powered UFS
from Lovelady use there beam to transport
this lazy ass to where this kinda plump naked
lady is waiting. This is just made up. But there
is a Lovelady,Texas.

kempwood lost news .
April 25, 2013, 2:36 pm
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They was bsin last night.  About sleeping beauty.  Pluto was so fin tired they looked down when crabbs saw em .  They called say want other .  Who in there right mind would get on hwy 528  in the morn.  Hells bells wondering around in a daze.  Yea fish tAILS willput on that coustume and look like a clown . Least there is a shitter so no bush shit . O about kempwood. Those funkmex they keep on going a naked a the guard place.  Thats right.

No thats a lie.  Just get back shower with dish soap beer. Sleep till that time 

ufos bug dancers at the strand galvetson
April 22, 2013, 12:57 am
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kempwood ufos

Hello u know what that is ? Those are democrats that dont want u to have guns.   Yea flower knows about hwy 71  near

Marble, Texas.  Lofer  is kinda beginning to get wilted. Dont u love those bacteria laden things ?   YeA the Pigmes

in Africa get em and eat em raw . They say it makes the dick bigger. Any way just get on that road that goes to

Konze u will see some thing in the horizon.  A blue light or some thing like that.   Years ago Ferd went to Lake

Travis and saw these hippies take a bath in the lake.

Purple space creatures talk to frogs
April 21, 2013, 8:56 pm
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Well its kinda wonderful to drink the king cobra.  That picture shows what happens after wards.  Hows the news

now if nothing is going on just make like some dufus put a picture of there ding dong on here .   No  the spider

Sharon would strip and, yall can see how discusting it l ooks.   Well  u get on 45 past Conroe and  near

Huntsville i guess . No thats not the way go to the park first.    Go swimming beyond the warning about gators.

Those things will be glad to meeet u and change u in to one.   No dont .

Its so green out there it must have rained mudy water  .    Here is a song ~~~I LOVE THAT MUDY WATER — O BOSTON