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Some thing to think about
September 3, 2009, 11:11 pm
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Yes i watch Glen Beck he is great -rock on. Our lord Obama will say any thing to get commie heath care passed. Hey i got free speech.  That gov heath care plan is all about control.  U know there is a  party a Tea Party in Austin this Saturday. 

Are u shocked at the normal stuff thats on here ?

nots off yes
September 3, 2009, 11:50 am
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bend over

bend over

Well here it is no one wants to read this no more. So ill spice it up.

Its called selling cum or get off.  The last time sex was on here lots of

fellows got off to it.  There must be lots of men that are marrried and

like to watch men naked. O i once took a shower at some college at

Brenham.  I sware this black man was horney as hell in the shower.  Any way i been to

Can coon once and this taxy driver felt of my dick . It was in club 21.  I dont like men doing

that.  May be in the shower a fat lady sharon can try to jack me off with soap.  Nothin


September 3, 2009, 4:59 am
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Yes its may 29 ,1972. Thats the day old WW craper gave me that paper to wipe with.  Thats right.  Who cares if thats not the right name ? Since google copies all the naked pictures on here.  I ant got no pictures on here that way .

Why would any one want to see two folks having sex is beyond me ? Does that stimulate the sex organ ? Hells bells i took a shower with a naked fat lady once . Never do it again.  I had to clean some thing with soap and water.
Any way i dont feel  like taking a shower now just resting. That fs place really . May be i will take a hot shower later.  I know companies can read these things. Thats why im not ripin the so called se cos. I guess the more important the job is the more like ly they will read em.
Lets say u was working for a oil company and compalined on here about the work load.  Well they would read this and say since u dont like a stressful job take a vactation and dont come here to work again. But those security guard companies are different- they dont want u to learn how to do a dam thing.

kempwood news
September 2, 2009, 8:49 pm
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Well i read the report.  It says fofer lofer went to Kufman to get the form filled out.  They said there bussy and come back later.  Fred said they can wait came from down there.  Any way enough of that.

Dont know about that bus deal riddin two so hours.  They drop u off at barton springs.  There u strip naked and jump in that cold water.

No thats made up.  Really i saw this car side swip another one on kempwood they was in such of a hurry from that nbjr or what ever.  U know some one is tired of this bull crap .  Search in  for cotton ever day . There is a void space like a yr and 6 months.

A certain security guard company on jones road
September 2, 2009, 7:52 am
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O there is a security guard company that has a add in crigs list in Houston. Well it says they want 10 security guards fast.  I just woner where that post could be ? Either 10 quit or they need to hire 10.

I bet its at that warehouse near the belt way. How can any one sit on black top under a unbrilla with out water ?  O u get a 30 min break and a 15 min one. But u cant bring a ice chest out there in the parking lot.  U know thats being a slave.  What if u get over heated ?  Too bad .