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its time
December 1, 2015, 9:26 pm
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o yea go back of 9540 kempwood.  there constructing slum apts again for wet backs.  some foolish ghost security guard spussed to go there and watch all night.  them skeeters  and the naked mexcans  try to wake the poor bastard up.  some them words are wrong .  ghost rider would not go out there in the mud   .

that 7 min movie
November 25, 2015, 4:23 am
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its about as nasty as ever.  girls gone wild. them 2 fucking on the floor.  all those slimy scum bag creatures getting off to watch sex.   then the runts put it on the net. notice there college age.  they must be at west texas state university in canyon, texas  its too far driving 600 miles. when u get there its like a different planet.

Help the dinos near the Paluxy River

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Hello u lazy assssss security guard near hwy 529 and eldridge  steet.   Fred made this

post blog just for u.   Yea yo mexcan  or that hog nose snake .  Don’t that rock look like a piece of chinga ?

Hells bells whos going to take there time to read this ?  Don’t u know yo be in poverty for ever.  Hey why not

celebrate the Owner of that security company great success in life.   The rest got to be down and out all ways.

Free speech
June 17, 2013, 12:19 am
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Yes when u put any thing in these blogs its there for ever. Don’t know if talking about hoto acts
is a good idea. Some one from Marble Falls put some strange crap on here about please your self.
The probably in some classes in college want u to say liberial stuff about El Presidenti Obama. Giving aid
to al- keda . Well some one was razing hell about the Trans Texas Corridor that’s how they found about
the Tea Party . Gofer guesses its a good idea to try to erase bad stuff on blogs. Yea some one a few min
ago read some thing about drop boxes. Is that another snow job by NSA. O u dont remember tricky dick or
Richard Nixon . His ememy list and the magic tapes. Yes there were streakers in 1974. U know they get naked and
run from A to B .

June 14, 2013, 12:40 pm
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Hello all u wipper snappers.  There is this site that says the reason

for being tired.  Here is one having croker up all till on then try to

crash.  Any way thats the great lake near hwy 36.  U can get a massage

by fat boy its free.  Just get a air mattress on the ground.  Dispose of

your big girl panties.   Theses days men wear lace on there drawers.

It feels so good when a female catfish does the massage.  And gets

all the fluid out of old faithful.     They do donkey shows at WTSU thats right.

Or should harper say red neck farmers.   Yea the donkey thought they

was just so tired.  Its just a state of mind.   So says  Robert Plant



SOME cel reatures demos
June 14, 2013, 6:18 am
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Yea gofer lofer seen it.  Some blue balls deomcrat is using hico67.  Ok if

Nazi can find there uri in space  ,  gofer nofer gona use there id.  But of course

it may be from the NSA center in SA.   Yea nofer found out there is a NSA center

in SA.   Now the so called  el Presidenti is getting a big mess in the middle east.

Dont know whats worse having roaches in the tank or cleaning the rug.

Tired creatures go party
June 14, 2013, 1:40 am
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Yea gofer tryed to rest but that lady at 5pm on fox news was disturbing things.

Now wait—–  no one on at 5pm news knows the gofer.  Just may be the NSA is sticking

there nose where it should not be.   Dont say that cause they read every word

thats on here now.  Hells bells when gofer was leaving the tank about 120 am.

O there was this so and so parked right next.  So who cares .  Just need a beer so

the soul can relax.  So where is the brown shirts – u mean Obamas hench men.

Just watch out what u say on here cause the NSA records it.