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that add for security guards
June 30, 2010, 4:12 pm
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Have u read such lies.  O they put u at this place where u staind on cement o yea.  The funk feet hurt and u got to tell when u go to the bath room.  O then the wany crapy – They got spyes to carry cps out . And they want to see if u do the chinga right.  If u dont they dont want u there.  And then there is the cuty twisty.  O the moronse bull shit all the time make u think u are nothing .  Then there is the time clocky- got to walk all around this crap .  Who wants to stand on your feet on cement then tell when u go to the bath room. o yes the black tea shirt u must ware no matter how hot it is out side.  You will never learn a dam thing there.  No its not on the list on no.   If they try to get rid of gofers just quit and go some where else.

So fin tired of it ctp games
June 30, 2010, 1:29 pm
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Hello sports fans or the gulf freeway shadow people.  Well cuttin and twistin sell off trailers.  Then telling some one when u go to the bath room .  What kind of shit job is that ?  Most like ly it if for flunkies.  Ooo THEN there is the scannein o look at mens legs. Slow ly use a crap wand . Might as well get some humna wast and use that. O wen u find a cp o there so gloroyous like its a federel case.  They bull shit u brain wash.  Som eone cant stand breng treated like a salve.  Yes it dont make no scenec  .  U do that scanner crap for `13 years and it still will be the same, Yew they will do it again tonight try to fuck me dont let em go slow with the sht stick.   Dam some one is gettin tired ever puttin this on here.  Yes they want u to be in the gutter all the time.  What they gong to say o u cant be here call ed the off tomorro.

watching naked acts x rated

The more u see those picurtes the more u want .  Hells bells u can get prevertes fast.  Just wait on the bus down town and watch the nakeds on the srteet corner.  Thats right .  Dont get too excited. And pull out the dick and start jerking off.  That attrates hobos.  O the dogs come around and may take u to a patrol car for a free ride.

Patterson road or 10000 kempwood
June 27, 2010, 1:39 am
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For lack of understanding ill tell u.  O i went there late at night, yea to that bridge.  A stange gust of wind came out of no where.  There ant no bumps to the car no way.  Whats that person been drinking going out to the blue  light cemetory .  Hells bells i wound not go there.  Any way go to the lake i guess.  Some one may be a little heavy so what.  Bring sanwitches and drinks.  She may want to feel your leg when parked and other places.   O that 10000 kempwood.  Well could had had 2 girls at once long ago.

history of kempwood street
June 27, 2010, 1:01 am
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So u want to know , ok.  U go to the lion club and go west.  Well that club has good looking ladies in it but there is a secret.  O in the back corner where its kinda dark the dancers  get u to go up stairs.  O get u all horny and its pay to play.  O go west there is the underpass . Thats where hobos  sit and sit.  O west again and there is the hempstead hwy. O there use to be a working lady at one of those motes.  Garbarge did not know .  Then there is the wagon wheel.  GARBER was supposed to meet some one there in the past. O go to kempwood now cross the rr tracks.  Go west .  O THERE is this place that has the statue of liberty there.  O some old lady took off her clothes and layed on gofers bed. Yes he came in her many times and got a head job.  Go west again  and a long time ago when no lites at that jr school . Gofer took bg and banged her . But  gofer was shanking.   Well there is more to tell later.

kempwood dreams things
June 26, 2010, 6:52 pm
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mexican sex cult there

Well i read a litle sentence it said” im so mad”. It was in the sumtt thing called rude.  Any way they got this site called “fling” it says u can get a fuck in h town.  Are those hookers or what ? O there standing near the gate where the statue of liberty is o yes. I thought u all wanted some more stuff on sex.  Well once i gofer was at this apt on hammerly . O in the car i was. Yes i felt her saggin tits and she kissed my dick. O thats the one that i fucked lots of times in the past. YES I had the urge to play pocket pool to day . O gpfer refised to do homosex acts again.  O that old goad pig lady needs to get here.  C her saggin  tits and the bush she has.  Probably want me to lick her pussy and pot my gofers dick in it all the way.  Just cum for 12 hours.

gofers ding dong
June 26, 2010, 3:50 pm
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Yes its the weapon the body gun thats gone in to disrepair.  In fact the hole thing is wilting. So what u do wen tired and depressed ?  Have a pig lady from hammerly over here.