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UFOS for job hunters
July 29, 2013, 11:48 am
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This is supposed to be about ufo and job hunters.  Fred guesses a ufo lands on your head.

And little green creatures show u how to find lots of places to look.  But gradually

u get tired.  And loose interest.  Then u ask the green creatures to transport u on the

space craft.   O there so eager and then u fall a sleep. Now u wake u and feel

violated.  Gofer heard George Nory was talking to dead dogs near hwy 1093. 

He does that many times and  goes to the pet cemetery near the brazos  river.

Its kinda close to Fulsher.   Well there is that cemetery is still there near the road.

Cause them slave owners used bull wips to keep darkies in line.

Some times u got to wait a the cemetery in back of St Peter church late at night.

There is this dog that got in front of some ones car when they was going 35 miles a hour.

That’s what u got to wait for at the cemetery.   What would u do when there is traffic

behind u going 35 ? Slam on the brakes for the dam dog .  Hell now .   Well Fred seen it

on bell road .  That’s just too bad.   The run over dog will talk to u at that cemetery.

That sems kinda grose but the UFOS don’t think so   

Its a colored one . Cause them devil cotton growers during the civil war.    

Good snake oil ufo news
July 27, 2013, 6:24 am
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O yall remember mj12 and operation big sky. Well here is more news from the NAVRES
at the place on ost. They just told Fred that a ufo will land on kempwood soon that’s right . And the SK3s get a ride to barton springs in the ufo. U can even read confidencal mags during the flight and get drunk. There is no such of a thing as the NavRes on OST. It started when this black slut held up a rubber filled with cum after boot camp in San Diego. Now here this Sample Departing. Any way I want to go back to bragg road some time and take a picture of that blue thing in the horizion. Don’t panic there is no UFO going to land on kempwood.

Sun,sand and salt
July 27, 2013, 3:53 am
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Yea the big picture I just now put on there. Is near Matagorda. In fact its the

beach.  Its windy there all the time I guess.  Just stay in the sun 3 or 4 hours and

ull regret it.  Or just get in the water close to the shore and dry off see what happens.

I bet there is folks there right now fixing to go fishing.  On KILT 610 they say the

fishing report.   

Spring Woods rough news for operation big sky
July 27, 2013, 3:35 am
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O yea its on ward to loosing what ever else that song is.  O yea just go on to yo

1972 reunion.  There ant no booze or food there.  It cost 25 for two days.  Yea its 

like celebrate some thing that happened a billion years ago.  Its all plastered on SWHS

1972.  Enough of that.  At  Ben on hwy 529 there is or was a strange orange 

lite.   Its where they keep the unused heavy hauling equipment.  O its where

they keep those cows to fat them up. Any way near the end of bragg road near

Saratoga there is some thing out in the woods.  One time Fred went there. Its

a sandy road.  Well I stopped at the end and saw 2 red fire flies then heard a

inticing sound close to the woods.  Fred never looked to see what it was they

wanted to leave fast.  Yea may be Fred knows some since SWJR days.  Like

that’s 41 plus 5 .  Yea getting close to 50 years.  But UFO and strange things

are more interesting.  O Fred for got. Near Fulsher there used to be a old

plantation house out in the field. It was kinda painted white.  Some where

there is a picture of a colored cemetery near a road.   There was a sign it said

hay for sale  on hwy 1093.  But those eagar  zombies bout up all the

land near the brazos  and tore every thing down.     

news for mj12 and hwy 290 fans
July 26, 2013, 9:50 pm
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Well there is this creature near calvacade street that looked at this

plastic fan Robert Holly had and did not like what was on it.   U know gofer

has not seen Robby in a long time.  Is or they leaning towards homoism.

Well yea some one confesses they read in  a Navman  in black and white

the words mejstic,operation big sky and mj12.  Mj12 is a group that investiated

UFOs in 1947.  What about that v shaped star formation about a mile from bragg

road.  U know where that is.  Any way the last time pluto  was on hwy 1093 on the

horizion there was a blue spot above the tree line.  Hells bells some one has taken  a

picture of that old cemetery in back of St. Peter church on long point.  That place looks

morbid and errie.  Whats worse is finding blue light cemetery out in the field near

bear creek park.   There is a light pole and a few grave stones.  On top of one is rust

color from age.         

magic news for mj12
July 23, 2013, 8:45 pm
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yea Hello out there beyond the fence on kempwood.  That looks like a lovely place

don’t it.  May be its at the rest home near Lovelady,Texas.   Well that’s not true.   It certainly ant kempwood.   Now

back to the main idea mj12,mejestic,operation big sky.   Yea they was in the NAVMAN.   O these fools pot a

polywog  in a room.   There was on this desk a mag was it said confide.   There never was a FF 1048 called the

Sample.   No Peter was never a sn slave abord it .   Any way some times the willie blues are here.

Yea  Samsom can tell u about the trails apts.  That’s what they used to be called at Guestine and gessner.

Hey Bob has another picture of a cemetery.    That

the cemetery all rightm

July 23, 2013, 6:09 pm
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Gofer bets the rest of the world don’t know where that is.   Well there is a  sign that says Glen Rose. On hwy  144 there is the

fossil hill ranch.  Bob thinks all the fossils have been picked over.   O if u want to go swimming in Glen Rose there is  Oak

Dale Pool.   Bob has not been there in a long time.  Then there is the fossil man. They have a video.