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UFOS for job hunters
July 29, 2013, 11:48 am
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This is supposed to be about ufo and job hunters.  Fred guesses a ufo lands on your head.

And little green creatures show u how to find lots of places to look.  But gradually

u get tired.  And loose interest.  Then u ask the green creatures to transport u on the

space craft.   O there so eager and then u fall a sleep. Now u wake u and feel

violated.  Gofer heard George Nory was talking to dead dogs near hwy 1093. 

He does that many times and  goes to the pet cemetery near the brazos  river.

Its kinda close to Fulsher.   Well there is that cemetery is still there near the road.

Cause them slave owners used bull wips to keep darkies in line.

Some times u got to wait a the cemetery in back of St Peter church late at night.

There is this dog that got in front of some ones car when they was going 35 miles a hour.

That’s what u got to wait for at the cemetery.   What would u do when there is traffic

behind u going 35 ? Slam on the brakes for the dam dog .  Hell now .   Well Fred seen it

on bell road .  That’s just too bad.   The run over dog will talk to u at that cemetery.

That sems kinda grose but the UFOS don’t think so   

Its a colored one . Cause them devil cotton growers during the civil war.    

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