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Good snake oil ufo news
July 27, 2013, 6:24 am
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O yall remember mj12 and operation big sky. Well here is more news from the NAVRES
at the place on ost. They just told Fred that a ufo will land on kempwood soon that’s right . And the SK3s get a ride to barton springs in the ufo. U can even read confidencal mags during the flight and get drunk. There is no such of a thing as the NavRes on OST. It started when this black slut held up a rubber filled with cum after boot camp in San Diego. Now here this Sample Departing. Any way I want to go back to bragg road some time and take a picture of that blue thing in the horizion. Don’t panic there is no UFO going to land on kempwood.

late kempwood monster news
December 3, 2012, 10:28 pm
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Yes this is the offical bat station for thebi news. Yea some loon put Fred a the tl place

on rankin road once . Super said not to cause known is known there. Any way

some big tits dancer wanted a escort to the car . Some loco was horny could had

incert then and there.  O its near the woitching hour . Could go to that inn and

take a movie with sound ,  but it takes energy.

Things seen by crawfish

Things seen by crawfish Yea gofer is misiribally tired.  Dont care if its spelled rong.  Gofer is not taking classes at UT in Austin.  Who in the world can pay 30000 to go there a year ?  O gofer has seen the pictures the libs at ut put on here.  Well o yes well.  Just do like goferr did loose lots of sleep.  They will get it back when ?   Well last night gofer got worn out cuttin seals and climing that blank ladder .  No goferr is not living in the past.  U knw the bag lady on hammerly and all tha beer and that place on yale street.  Any way gofer would not go to Sul  Ross College in Alipne. Thats like out in the desert.  O goin to that place out in the woods mmmm are they trying to hummpy pump.  Dam these mexicans have there radio too fin loud.  Now its time to take as hot shower aand brush the teeth.   O yes that beer and wiskey shots.

kempwood snappers rated

kempwood sappers

All u wiper snappers im here. What ever that means ? U see i was at the bus stop and this lady snapper stole my hiney clothes.  Thats right . Now im naked at cambell and long point.  I got to wait till this human female wolf  puts me on the ground and sits on the pole.  That way all the white gravy will run down the leg and ill fell better. No really this lady from near 45 and gulf bank decited to investigate whats under gofers clothes. This is all made up.

Patterson road or 10000 kempwood
June 27, 2010, 1:39 am
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For lack of understanding ill tell u.  O i went there late at night, yea to that bridge.  A stange gust of wind came out of no where.  There ant no bumps to the car no way.  Whats that person been drinking going out to the blue  light cemetory .  Hells bells i wound not go there.  Any way go to the lake i guess.  Some one may be a little heavy so what.  Bring sanwitches and drinks.  She may want to feel your leg when parked and other places.   O that 10000 kempwood.  Well could had had 2 girls at once long ago.

kempwood place gofers 1972
November 24, 2008, 12:39 pm
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Hello out there near hwy 290 i guess. O its been such a wonderfulday these fools colled bozo at  1030 am and wanted bogo to do a favor.  Yes some  one knows esp.  Since so and peter is off call them to sit and sit.   What normal moron would wait and wait. 

Then there is no rehare at banta tey tricked some to go over there and wast time.

So now what is the score.  There will be phone games tonight . 

Just walk west on kempwood like 1am.  Its a good idea not to .

kempwood undies lost
November 10, 2008, 10:16 pm
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imwwwwwww Well hello whats that guard doing at west road and hwy 6 ? Rellly concentrating on watching that crap over there. It must take lots of brain power to do that.  And o rite that moronic report.  U can do that till hell frees over and not go no where.  How aout that looser black lady that drives a shit car .  U know its white in color.  Who cares