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security guard companies
January 31, 2009, 11:11 pm
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There is this security guard company that wants some one to stand

for 12 hours at a store they said.  What moron would want to do 

that ? U know thats like wasting time.  And who is able to stand with

 doing nothing that long ?

January 31, 2009, 10:52 pm
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Well they got this add that says they need help.  O sure they need it.

They will bul shit u and give u 37 hours one week then, call em.

O the bsers will say there workin on more . Or the goodie is call u at

12 16 at nite to work  one nite and then they say call so and so for

more hours when there is none.

Just go some where else for employ .

Hawt Post no money report
January 31, 2009, 10:45 pm
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U know thats exactly what OUR LORD OBAMA wants . Then the gov

can socialize the bank industry and then whats next ? Of course its

a right to bear arms and then take away free speech.  Old George

Bush and OUR LORD OBAMA is thight with  NAFTA.

security guard stories
January 31, 2009, 6:59 pm
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I sware this happen when some was at pgp bill burns . Well one niteon hwy 529 AT INTERNATIOALA STEEL. Then a empty building catfish saw a huge UFO  ner the telehone pole ner trees.  I dont see how anifopy one missed it

sex for preverts- for guard terrey and the dog
January 31, 2009, 5:45 pm
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That physco in 114 sould enyoy this since he  thinks cats form the dumster are his babies.

Well is goes like this dofe thinks terry should find a dog and do the wild thing with it. Then join a sex cult.  Thats right that weird o in 114 just leaves the door open for  those cats. Then wistles at em.  Yea thats where the fat ass freek lives in that picture.  O u take a pictrue of him and those cats . O thats a federal crime. Then he will say im calling the cops.  Then after that he will say im goin to sue u .  O sure just call the cops and they will say thats a prank call . May send one unit out there . I just bet cops got more imporant things to do than baby sit a physco.

Any way lets have some dog action . Yea get a german shepard and have terry drink some ever clear and wine.  That would really fuck her up since she is a dibetic.  Who cares.  Any way get a horny dog and have terry pet its pointed penus.  Then have it have sex in terry  all that dog cum .  No thats too radical and grose, in fact sub human.

log time
January 31, 2009, 5:32 pm
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Hello out there again. Well its like this. I ate or drank some thing to day that had or has lots of fiber in it.  It probabley was that garlic bead toast. If u want to get lots of crap out of yur intestine eat that stuff. 

But if u got hemroids ? Which is a bad subjet put hot water on it from the shower that will shrink the blood vessel fast.