Texas Moon

sex for preverts- for guard terrey and the dog
January 31, 2009, 5:45 pm
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That physco in 114 sould enyoy this since he  thinks cats form the dumster are his babies.

Well is goes like this dofe thinks terry should find a dog and do the wild thing with it. Then join a sex cult.  Thats right that weird o in 114 just leaves the door open for  those cats. Then wistles at em.  Yea thats where the fat ass freek lives in that picture.  O u take a pictrue of him and those cats . O thats a federal crime. Then he will say im calling the cops.  Then after that he will say im goin to sue u .  O sure just call the cops and they will say thats a prank call . May send one unit out there . I just bet cops got more imporant things to do than baby sit a physco.

Any way lets have some dog action . Yea get a german shepard and have terry drink some ever clear and wine.  That would really fuck her up since she is a dibetic.  Who cares.  Any way get a horny dog and have terry pet its pointed penus.  Then have it have sex in terry  all that dog cum .  No thats too radical and grose, in fact sub human.

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