Texas Moon

December 14, 2015, 10:29 am
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firs was on the t it was parking at near that cave building, cause hurricane winds on the parking area.  then worring about bird man gofer thought.

then it was sex dream group sex , feel.   why not just leave the walrus alone so they can close eyes for a short one.   do u reaize its I’m[possible to get rid of this when published.

o yes barbarba
December 13, 2015, 2:35 am
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gofer thought bg was the best .  getting beer drink  fucking in front of a house on spring valley.  then o that couch  it must have been a bad dream.

screw that warped fat beer pig more less, it ant here no more . some purple people eaters found there lunch.    gross it used to feel good cuming inside the el pig  , number nine dream.

tired monster news
April 19, 2013, 6:02 am
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After all thats going on Fred needs cat nap .  Last night these water monsters threw Fred in barton springs they

was deprived of beauty sleep.  Well  just keep on watching fox news blury eyed until crash time.

Places in Spring Branch
January 12, 2013, 8:32 am
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I found out how old that house on soway street is.   Long time ago i think i lived in it. The address is 2707 Soway.

Yea it was a rent house built in 1959. And here is another house i lived in . The real estate company must have

changed the date it was buit.  Any way it looks like a different place these days. Of course it was in 1994 that some

one moved.  Yes 3303 Spring valley (1965) thats the address . I walked around that circle and saw like nothing

changed  except.  Yea i know many will say who is putting that on here ?  Im not telling .

Why should i put this on here ?
December 18, 2012, 8:12 am
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                                                                  General life by lucky


This is not a english paper . Two many mistakes in it. Thats right.  Well here goes.  Head injury, spider lady,ganggreen gull bladder, breaks on 45.  Thats about all i can think of right now, o yes those trucks. Is this supposed to be a reasearch paper or some thing like that ? Hell this helps when i get baki to looking for cotton. Ill be fresh. U want me to start at that boot camp. Kinda wasted time and space. Went through hell for what ?

Potty mouth democrats
October 20, 2010, 3:15 pm
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Yes they got sex cults at camble and kempwood. O they go to the store late at night and some thine happpens.  Well gofer went to the store and some retarted jack mex wanted to feel the dick and balls.  Thats right.  There was these ladies that said sucky/fucky. Yes this is made up.  Some add on tv shows freight carriers nakded thats right.  Well right now there is mexicans at the stature of liberty that is men looking at each other and striping  having sex.  O this is for all the preverts that eat at that unsanitary food lender at that wash place near kempwood.  Yes the horse place at the pasture is where they gather they used to.  O they had sex with horses and cows and any thing else.  O there is this guardie that likes to look at men all the time.  Garver knows what they will bedoing 12 years from now.  The same as today. Yes the democrats go to hwy 290 and find a normal naked cow and have sex with it thats right.  Hey all the backwards talking UFOS made gofer say what ever is on here.

kempwood snappers rated

kempwood sappers

All u wiper snappers im here. What ever that means ? U see i was at the bus stop and this lady snapper stole my hiney clothes.  Thats right . Now im naked at cambell and long point.  I got to wait till this human female wolf  puts me on the ground and sits on the pole.  That way all the white gravy will run down the leg and ill fell better. No really this lady from near 45 and gulf bank decited to investigate whats under gofers clothes. This is all made up.