Texas Moon

A rock hounds delight
January 30, 2011, 10:49 am
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Thats right .  Able to meet another rock hound is kinda hard to do.  Many say o a rock is nothing and fossils who cares.   Well its being out side its, meeting some one, its finding fossils. TO gofer its interesting about the past. May be meetin some one that common interest . A female no male.  Hells bells Sharon go away and find some bone head.  Yea the cret time is where its at. The glen rose formation.  There is no 3 headed monster on kempwood that wants to devour folks.  But there is UFOS that want to transport gofer to barton springs.  Just jump in and have a suprise a great shock.

Slow motion on hollister
January 28, 2011, 8:07 pm
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 Hello if it wernt gofer was so fin tired . Thanks to slave labor place.  Then pretty boy takes all pictrue of men.  Tried to scare and control.  But more will quit next week.  Thats right. Who cares ?  Right now gofer would like that weard black boomby to call and come here. Thats right .  This is a x rated if u want to end not reading fine. Well any way put dick between her tits and cum. O yes. Dont knwo if she been with white meat before. Too bad. Yea send the bully up to meet in the triple k and get a big suprise. This skips around too much. O yes it does.  A gamet of things on gofers mind.  Tired, want massage by big tites lady,no use skin,so tired. Yea the democrats want to control ever thing in your life. O your Holy God Obama – I FAINT when i see him,hope and change. DAM some one is fucking tired of climing that fin ladder and cuttin seals. No they ant going to have gofer inside. Who cares. Soon or later gofer will fade away.  O where is that lady in Knoxcity.  Any way how is Austin ? Would it be ok to jump in barton springs now ? NO way the naked balls would fall off.

monster sex cult news
January 28, 2011, 2:22 pm
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Thats right.  There is this managar of certian security guard co that likes to look at men. Thats right. O he takes pictures of all the men and sends em back to the computer.  O it must be wonderful to get there jollies to be supervisor.  It dont take a dead fish to do that.  O baCK to the sex cult. O k then.  There is this japan doctor that gives massages to ladies then has sex with them. Thats not monster cults . Any way this strange lady used the horn to call gofer 20 times yesterday.

kempwood news for 1972
January 28, 2011, 10:32 am
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Well this ant 1972. Back then there wernt no internet, cell phones,flat screen tvs.  O this fellor was trying to get in bed with barb. It took while.  O yes gofer was probably doint the paint shop in the summer. O they did not have no future plans m and d did for him.  Well its many years later.  Really older and may be wiser.  They used to live near the astrodome and it was bad.  Once they was really drunk and went in a colorerd club it was strange.  Yes they was at EW for a while u ntil the hurrican came along. Then one week later it ended. Yea they did fatlies in the past .  All this is just from memoryies.  Gofer has been awake a long time and will take a nap later. There is unrest in EGYPT.  They superbowl is comming. Gofer got fid of a himrided yesterday.

Brainless security guards at a certain place
January 25, 2011, 4:11 pm
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Here is the deal they got this so called dress code and bull shit code onthe wall. Its only about fear. Hell u do that and then try to find a regular job and cant. Or try to go to college and u have problems cause u dont know how to think.  Any way there is this dum ass that says there goining over seas.  O yes they have a USN bag.  If i was them idd reenlist.  But hells bells gloter has done there time. Yes with out cholie u have problems .  Any way who wants or can work at FEDX when there 55 well no one . Liftin all that weight is not wise. O yes u can be a superivsor but it dont take no skill to do it. O yes gofer did the nav res thing years ago. Go through hell boot camp. Then tryed to hospit cor. Then finally got to E4 level and faded away.  O that dress code bs is with ever security guard company . Its about control and fear. Who eve reads this if u think gofer is too smart to bad they got free speech.

Nav Boot Camp – the way gofer saw it
January 23, 2011, 3:49 pm
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Hells bells u go to affies on san jancinto street and they bull shit u. Then say that pledge (u dont know any thing) . Then ist in the bus i guess ? O the plane ride  to know where.  Then u sit inthe squares ?  Who cares. Why even put any thing about that u went through hell.  Of course then get drunk and shit face.  O there is this room where all the fools are. And there she is a naked black slime.  U close the eyes and have a rubber on and put it in. All this never happen.

Past time
January 23, 2011, 12:30 pm
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Well last night gofer chose to drink some  cranbury jusc and gin. Got little tipsey and slept . WHO cares about the footcall game today. Its going to be 12 degreees at game time there.  Thats far too cold for a polor bear.

Earth times daly
January 22, 2011, 1:51 pm
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 That fool put a fake picture on there. It looks pasted on there. And is a food dish.  Yes i could put a picture of a dong thats twisted and deformes and call it a UFO.  Thats right. O i saw some ufos swimming in lake Travis once.  Really it was these naked girls from UT.

O u want to know where that picture is from ? Its at bragg road . Then there is this UFO  thats barbara from hammerly. Yes too much black hair belo and is kinda grose looking thes days.

Phone games for retarted sec guards
January 22, 2011, 1:03 pm
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O yea u think pancho dont know there game. Hells bells those retarteds expect u to stay by the horn and lock step with them. Fuckem.  U start that and it wont end.  Who wants to freeze there ass off . Thats what they do stay at the fucking craper and get sick.  There is no way in hell going to stay out when its 30 out side and wind is 10 miles a hour.  Thats like 20 degres out side.  Find some fool that answer the horn . Plus gofere needed much rest last night and not going 30 gd miles unless its 16 ot hor that will not happen at the slave place.

gofer did not know
January 22, 2011, 12:37 pm
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At West Texas State University which is in Canyon, Texas , they found retarted naked monsters in pala dura canyon. One monster escaped and was found going naked accross the parking lot at that college.  The retarted monster went to the pig police station and was told to jack off in a geology class.  Can u believe it ? Right in front of the teacher and the students.  This 12 foot monster pulled down its pants and out flooped a 10 foot donkey dick. Some bag lady from hammerly started to suck it and a mother load shot out .  No this did not happen its just a lie.  Any way there running around the track at bear creek park in Houston thats right.  But they are all naked . Even when its 2pm on a saturday.  Gofer wonders how austin is right now ? Has it grown ? Is that too far to go .  Yes gofer has been watching porn and not choke the chicken but a litte cum come out of the dick any way.  Who is gofer ?  A space caddett or what ?  Gofers got plenty to say about that place near gulf bank and 45.