Texas Moon

so now i find out by bog man
October 31, 2010, 11:36 am
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Well no i crash cause of the dlst that really sucks. Any way dont know how to abbroack this .  Inviting one to come over and eat catfish and hush puppies on the moon.   Hells bells after the eat this creature may want one in one contact.  O im a virgin any way been that way for 500 years.

bog monster on kempwood
October 31, 2010, 1:55 am
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That was a name of a freak movie once on cable tv. Any way the University of Texas football team lost anothere one today. O yes Baylor did it – “im so glad”. O and ever time u walk around Nb there is a strange creature behind u. Thats right. Yes ill have strange dreams later on.  Well i dont like cleaning up the place but ill do it any way. They got these sites on here where supposed u can get layed.  Hells bells some one wanted to meet catfir last night late . There is no  way in hell striper is going to do that.  Hells bells some ones eye lids are getting heavy. Yes u walk west on kempwood now and u risk some thing.  O so if sleep is needed now go to the shower and put the head under cold water. It works. Except to go to Austin and dive in that spring water u got to be brave.  It will wake u up al right.

weird news 290 area
October 30, 2010, 3:29 am
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Well i saw a jackass bird taking a worm in its mouth and cross eyes.  O who ever put this on here is a retarted yellow belly wopper.  There is no such of a thing. Yes there is if its made up. O can make up there is the lock ness monster also.  “Good morning Vietnam” I never saw that movie by Robin Williams. Its just my lucky day i got to sit on the mode ass back wards to let the juce out of the dick.  O im here but kinda sleepy cause i had to go see the fake ghost lite on bragg road last night. Yes i got shorts on but no underware. That disabled lady called mmmmmm can peel the short off me and suck the dong i have.  Thats such a bad statement i cant repeat it.

Fred Staff from 1954 to 2010
October 29, 2010, 7:03 pm
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Well i cant remember to clearly. Fred lived in Marlin, Texas and for a little while attended elememtry school there. Was held back a grade. Least thats what i have been told. Then moved to Houston.  That was in 1964 or 1965.  Attended EdgeWood Ele. ,i guess.  Then went to Spring Woods Jr. , thats where he met some that have kept in touch. O yes his parients wanted him to play foot ball .  Thats what he did or tryed to.  Then there was Boby Laid, Clifort Bryant, some speech teacher. After that Fred went to a high school called Spring Woods. O at SWJR Fred met some one ————–. And finally had sex with them, that was when Fred was 19 i guess.

Then Fred worked as a land scaper and refinish school desk at SBISD. In 1980 Fred Joined the USN blind, became a SK.

no jobs, abama care,cap and tax
October 29, 2010, 7:26 am
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Do think i trust Our holy god Obama ? U know the democrats want utopia where ever thing is equal.  Now the polls show there is a” giant tital wave fixing to happen” a revolution”. Yes its a protest against the so called President Obama.   U know that u will  be forced to pay that gov heath insurance. When u get old the gov will decite if u will live or die.   Yea i tryed to talk to progressives all they do is try to convert me to there thinking.  Yes they called me a REDNECK A HATER A RACIST. O now its blame game since the democarts are lost.   Yes Bill White lies about not being in bed with Obama.

clay road news
October 28, 2010, 1:26 pm
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 O hello out there sports fans.  Well i took this picture on the way to matagorda beach. Any way some large lady owes me some thing thats right.  After giving away by mistake a ……. …. .  “Its lay lady lay lay accross my big bass bed” Yes the vids show how to do it .  Right now im c ontempalting on crashin for a short .  Yes the bull shited some one last night thats how they get off.  Some one swares they like to look at mens legs and there body.  Any way the tital wave is gettin bigger.  Its not like the anti war protest in the 1960s.  Any way yes someone confesses it would be nice to get a rub down for free.  Yes that Sharon lady was like a spider.  The first time some one did her they could smell that pussy.  U know kempwood has not changed since someone went out side. Its football type weather now.  Even now some one is sweating near the machine.  They just need to take a shower . Where is that lady near bearcreek park that likes catfish.

Joe Sibley – Spring Woods High School
October 28, 2010, 10:16 am
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Well i dont know if im supppose to put this on here ?  Its all about some one named Joe Sibley.  I dont know what he doing these days may be retired ?  Any way i met Mike Sibley at the 1982 reunion at Bear Creek Park.  O the glory days of the past. No it was not a intergrated high school. Just had wierd os like Alan King and Bob Lightfoot they were sorta bullies.  But general it was a great place to learn nothing.  O there wernt no coloreds there just a spanish, retarteds and slow learneres.  Yes the roughtest thing there was  football and fights.