Texas Moon

kempwood zombies
October 27, 2010, 4:23 pm
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 Yes they get out of there 18 wheler trucks and are naked as a j bird.  Its them zombies . Then they do that rail seen.  O that holy crapper deal “copy those numbeers and put it in the plastis bags.  All that is supposed to be put on the drivers nuts thats right.  O that picture well i dont know.  Its nuts to buts like those fagit deals said in navy boot camp many years ago.  Who cares what pluto did or did in the navmarines ? Yes they will flunk out of hcc. Yes its almost crash time. But one more didty if so and so fat lady dont like crawfish collection fossils thats just too bad.  Is the next hobby sex or pulln the mule ?  All those men stining in line to leave but first get scanned are so beautiful oooo.  Alagator likes to look at there body when using the wan.  How good it must feel to get a head by  another man .  This is all lies.  U see im living in a top secret cave under Austin, Texas. Some times UFOs take me to Pala Dura canyon so i can enjoy snow and ice.

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