Texas Moon

The down and out cycle
August 29, 2013, 6:15 am
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O yea there is Fred that went to ,call it x place. They was so tired and since it was

sorta warehouse.  They the frog went in to see the address,  then burtted out

some stupid crap.  All night they was fighting sleep.   And threw up on the cement.

Well come to find out gurtrud  said Fluffy did no good acton  and was dismissed.

What a fat lie that was. 

Whats there to do ?
July 6, 2013, 4:20 pm
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Besides eating 2 hotdogs and breathing air there ant nothing to do.  Like hell

there ant.  Some one is just lazy and don’t want to bedisturbed.  Pancho  dont

know where those 2 oil ticoons are up to now .  O yea they got a cave at

Matagorda and  a 12 room house near downtown.   May be there up near

Glen Rose.  That’s a ways up there.  But the dinosaurs are still making

dino tracks in the mud there.   No way that was, 110 million years ago.

Except I gordo  went to the dinos  beer party last night at the paluxy river.

Or go to Bannel Park in Austin and watch ufos fight each other over the

Texas Tower.  George Nory said there is UFOS  15 miles above Austin, Texas.

There fighting each other.     

just a jerk away
July 6, 2013, 10:50 am
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just a jerk away

Yea just a jerk away. That used to mean jerk off in the
shower. Never mind. O that place at
north point apts. There is no such of a place found
on earth. Well Bozo has had problems a crashing.
Its not the days of the 1980s.

Its not goina happen
June 28, 2013, 11:11 pm
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Lets see don’t guess no one is reading this these days, may be there sleeping. It could be

there at the small cemetery at peck and long point  doing the nakey moon dance.  U know if

u say certain stuff on here and the NSA finds it the brown shirts will try to find u.  That’s

right say some thing anti policies our holy El Obama has and u will be deleated account. 

Any way its real late and Pancho needs to visit Patterson road for picture taking.

There is no way.  

Last walk around the place
June 22, 2013, 5:53 pm
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berr   There is a page on face book for Patterson road.

I took this picture in black and white so u can see paranormal reflection in the water.

weirdos rest on kempwood
June 8, 2013, 4:53 am
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Thats right just the wierdos lay naked at the pool.  Giant frogs play up and

down on the weirdos when resting.  A certain part is hard as a rock and

frogs have premission to soit on it.  No there is no giant frogs.  Its all made

up.  Sounds like a rated gang bang  but its not.   Yea retatrted ducks go to

123 for the donkeys.   Appearently  gofer lofer needs beauty sleep.

Eat and salt flAKe
June 8, 2013, 12:11 am
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what is that ?  Why of course thats where the NSA stores all the top secret files on every body. No thats a lie.

Hells bells lofer dont know where the 1048 Sample is located.   Yes u know gov what they did to Frankenstine

abord that ship.  Or is it just bad ideAS from the deep past.  Come on now NSA report me lofer cause   no like

Obama Control Care.   U see Fred is sleeping in that pasture right now.