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action = reaction
December 17, 2008, 6:32 pm
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What ever jack ass told me to be at that ass hole place all funking next week whil get theres.  What goes around comes back in some form or another. Phon has a real good memory i and not bozo lasy ass guard. 

Yea jack ass will be there tonight saying bull shit that guard checker. O do they think ill be up set thats what they want / no its called even or

whats going on ?
December 17, 2008, 12:19 pm
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It was tell all. Today at the place. Too many questions. Some bike accident
does not have nothing to do with glasses to see. Sign yo life away. Yea it was
real bad not to remember what happened. Just cant . O the docs said this and that. I removed that stuff that was on here or did I ?

The Way it is: by catfish
December 16, 2008, 11:34 pm
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Where was i ? O the settle ments in new England. Well the folks from england came over to put up towns and things.  Soon king george 3 in england forced laws on the folks that they hated . Then came the declaration of independance in 1776. And gradually the USA was formed .  Then came 1836. I know im skipping alont of history. Well the spanish got kicked out of mexico and it was independant. The next thing there was Santa Anna a strong man. There was many settleers in Texas that mexico said ok to . But soon the Texans did not do what mexico said so . Santa Anna with all mexican and indians marched to this little fort called the Alamo.  Well some one called  William Travis drew a line in the sand. Ever one came to Travis except one black man.

This man went throuh Santa Annas army line and told Sam Houston. ~ Excuse me with out the battle of the Alamo there would be no USA or Texas ~  Any way Houston had time enough to gather many man to go zig zag to that San Jacino.  Yes the mexicans got the ass kicked hard.  So in a few years there was another war it was a bloody mess 1861 – 65.

Im skipping over things in history.  So now its 1929 the great depression- the only thing we have to fear is fear its self (SAID FDR) He made many gov programs some good some not.

Then  Hitler,JAPAN. Yea in 1941 Pearl Harbor was attacked by Japan but later they paid a price.  Then Russia the commies took east europe. And there was JFK. Yea i kinda remember nov 23 . It was a sad day. Every one crying and sad. Then came LBJ o the new frontier and his joke that war. Then came the beatles .  Yea some one was in SWHS when tricky dick nixon won that land slide. Then came water gate.:1974}     O that Jimmie Carter what a discrace i guess. Then came our great President Regan. Russia, the berlin wall.

Well it had to happen the first gulf war  stormin – norman.  Well there was a fellor named George W Bush.

And now bail out city, the economy , muslams,iraq, global warming what a joke,  getreal1

What a shame
December 16, 2008, 7:15 pm
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Well hello out there again.  Now it seems as 

some strange man from up north is sending grose messages like hug and kiss.  U know thats homosex.

Panco dont get off to that. But if weird creatrure wants to give me

the lost one 300 billion dollars real money they can vac and drill

i dont care then.

Yoo bin of Wonder Girls come on
December 16, 2008, 11:49 am
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Please stop going to 9540 kempwood and dis robing its nasty. To  see fat ladies unbutton there shirt and see those big tits. Thats sinful.  Please bring the dogs along.  Then smile at the camera that goole has.  Yes its a sattellite that google has in outerspace.

Hey Terry u cant get here cause u smoke ciggs.  And unbutton the shirt and take off those pants.  What a site to behold.  U dont have a dick do u ?  The ones catfish met have a dick and tits.  O but wait they stand on the street corner of kempwood and gessner.  Thats right . I think there from  bus 36.  Thats right.  Its so fun to ride that bus that goes no where.  It goes 12 feet and stops.

There are weird os at the bus stop sittin there. Yes there is men in shorts that are gropin each other.  I want to go there so a man can feel the heat . And pull it out and please me for 700 bill- ion  dollars.   Is this taking nasty.  ZOBO got tired of pt time looking.

Yes its going on and on about nothing.

This one place
December 16, 2008, 8:59 am
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Dam thay got this blog that shows japan girls . Wish i could meet

em. My dick needs exercise.  I got so much cum in side my dick.

No i dont need no pills.  Just to get n the shower with a lady thats 

not fat wold be a miricle.   DO some thing fir 4 or 5 hurs in my bed.

Use lots of skins and if clean lick that tail.  Dam it would be rambo

sex time.

December 16, 2008, 8:43 am
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Hello hope yall read this ?  

1972- Certian creatures could not and would not go accross

clay road at gessner. Well they use to callem jungle

bunnies,koons,jig-a -b00s and the great word niggers.
Well now since the SPRING WOODS HIGH SCHOOL has been

moved to the dumpster any thing can go there now. Its a dis-

crace  to the human race these days.  Sorry if garge is ripping

the SBISD. Any way fish cat has free speech.

Well things change and Spring Branch is in a sink hole. 

ANY way who

wants to to go Canyon, Texas and live there for 5 funiking

months. Its always cold even in the summer.

pt or fulltime jobs
December 16, 2008, 7:38 am
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Well here is what i know.   If u did work at DIL  in h town they moved.   There was no reason to go to that free meal they had at there party o they had free drinks .  But any way.  It was on hwy 249.  These fools promised if i went there  i could get some pussy.  Found out they were bull shitting.  Some one that work at the whse said to pay him and to do his wife.  I garve never did.   His wife is fat and black.

So here is the deal i busted my ass at that ware houes.  The last day i took lables off barrels of chemical wast and clean them and sprayed the lables i could not get off .  Well then i stood around got a brrom and did nothing.  Should had gone before  330 or 4 cant remember.

 But now its sitting and sitting  doing nothing at that garbarge constru on hwy 249 , not learning how to do nothing. Making pesos a hour. Some time dinosaurs can rest there eyes there.

O go to another lazy ass sec so no way . U know Spartin Security wants there guards to walk constantly .  Dont go there to work.  It cost money they take out for u niforms and the guard card out of the puny el chie.

O be a guard checker hell no they act like there some one when there nothing. Have glazed eyes over.  Gardie has seen em there all brain washed and are in a dreamland.

Hells bells go to complets staffing o sure- they have a account at the houston chroincle that pays 6.25 or 6.50 a hour. And this aircondition company near 290 and gessner. At that place there is no preaks except for lunch.  There is no fans.  The heat gets to 97 degrees all the time.

O at staff mark u go in there and take there retarted test and they mark the answers wrong. They will hire u if u are colored and mexican .  There office is no blalock right accross from excel.

So whats u to do ? Have 2 jobs and work 7 days a week.

BB is hiring at Professional Guard and Patrol.  O he wants u to drive 20 miles to the security post at night . Uncle Billy is the owner of the company. Hes got a big house and a fat wife and drives a 80 thousand dollar car to work.  Dont work at PGP

My friends the democrats
December 15, 2008, 2:19 pm
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Hey ya”ll i cat mouth know what the demos wanted me to do they said shut up ! O yes they did that VIVA at multiply kempt on saying that  cause i said the truth about Lord OBAMA and the TRANS TEXAS CORRIDOR.

They said i am, a red neck ,a hater. a hick.  Thats so sad  who cares.

Any way its kinda cool on kempwood now .  I saw all these mexicans comming from North 

Brook Junior High School,a white girl nearly fucking  this colored boy in walmart, cars going

east and west on that street, the freek that feeds dumpster cats get a ride.

Yea i seen it all . I wonder why that girl is smocking  on that boy colored ? does he got a big dick ?

You know that picture is down town Glen Rose.

staying awake
December 15, 2008, 6:59 am
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U know how hard it is trying to stay awake

after a night shift ?  Try it.  Cant concentrate

on nothing.  one or 2 hours of catnap would help.

Just go to that westfair street and sleep in that field.  U know near

where Day International used to be.  No dont it may be muddy and

the owners of that building now will frown.

May be go to barton springs and get a float and take a nap on that

cold water.