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Good snake oil ufo news
July 27, 2013, 6:24 am
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O yall remember mj12 and operation big sky. Well here is more news from the NAVRES
at the place on ost. They just told Fred that a ufo will land on kempwood soon that’s right . And the SK3s get a ride to barton springs in the ufo. U can even read confidencal mags during the flight and get drunk. There is no such of a thing as the NavRes on OST. It started when this black slut held up a rubber filled with cum after boot camp in San Diego. Now here this Sample Departing. Any way I want to go back to bragg road some time and take a picture of that blue thing in the horizion. Don’t panic there is no UFO going to land on kempwood.

magic news for mj12
July 23, 2013, 8:45 pm
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yea Hello out there beyond the fence on kempwood.  That looks like a lovely place

don’t it.  May be its at the rest home near Lovelady,Texas.   Well that’s not true.   It certainly ant kempwood.   Now

back to the main idea mj12,mejestic,operation big sky.   Yea they was in the NAVMAN.   O these fools pot a

polywog  in a room.   There was on this desk a mag was it said confide.   There never was a FF 1048 called the

Sample.   No Peter was never a sn slave abord it .   Any way some times the willie blues are here.

Yea  Samsom can tell u about the trails apts.  That’s what they used to be called at Guestine and gessner.

Hey Bob has another picture of a cemetery.    That

the cemetery all rightm

News for calvicade street creatures
July 12, 2013, 7:21 pm
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Hello all u down and outs. I have been doing some reseach  on whats going to happen tomorror

Its ofal kinda depressing.   There ant no grave stones to lean on and have a pity party.   Just  suck it up

and figure out next weeks plan  .   Going down town just to take pictures of old stuff ant no good at this

time of the day.   There is a long list of paranormal sites in Texas.  But they don’t say nothing about

emptying a trash can at a place near hwy 529.   Any way there are ghost lites near hammerly

and gessner.    Its about many years ago when that was just a practice field.   And there is a

poltergise at 9540 kempwood.   It was where this person was stuck there forever.

Strange campble road jerking news
June 17, 2013, 12:00 am
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Yea gofer was jut asking so do pretty men like 69 or what ? Gofer l bet there is horny mexcans at where the
statue of liberty is on kempwood U know don’t it turn u on watching head job mem on men. O I gofer for got this
is a adult rated blog. Gofer lofer wonderes how it feels with a pretty boy going down there and vack for cum.
Hello google report this to your NSA please do. Its really going to help against all enmeys fpreign and domestic.
U know up there is about homosex acts. Did not know there was so many .

Mortified news at campbell road
June 14, 2013, 2:23 am
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Yea its mortified all right.  Its just when Fred crashes it will be so nice.  Might

have strange dreams about DRE, being lost, who knows what else.  It may

be cause campbell and kempwood are sinking,  Or blue balls , or meeting ED from

the W&J show at the protest accross from KTRK  that time .  U know NSA im

worried cause u can see me in boxer shorts.   Good by creATURES from brag road.

putting stuff on here
May 24, 2013, 4:36 pm
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U know u got to think before u put stuff on here. Dont put nothing real on here. If u do then the GOV will take it and read it. Just like
obamA CONTROL CARE . Just come on IRS. Hells bells what about mejestic
or operation big sky or MJ12. Bozo is well still wilted and dont feel
like going to get some budwiser. How about that bag lady on hammerly
thats 59 Bob guesses. Dave told Fred not to see bag pig. Well its been
many years ago. Who cares about slant eyes.

Ageless News
April 26, 2013, 11:57 pm
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1960, i guess u could say they started Ele School back then.  They remember going to Glen Rose many times,snow ice cream, a girl named Pam,fishing trips. O yea they grew up all right.  Now for some reason there saying a name right.  Yea they painted schools and refinished desk and did the land scapping.  Fred is really getting silked. But really o it will be vodka and cranberry juce time.  Hells bells  just pretend there  in Austin or some where relaxing .  This relaying on the past for answerin is bs.   Yea some one met DRE at the trails in the 1980s so what .  O yea Pancho is aigzag in different subjects.  Hells bells yes going up yander  in a few would be interesting.  What Fred will do is no drive just get a glass add lots of vodka then cranberry juce .  It does take a effect .