Texas Moon

o yes barbarba
December 13, 2015, 2:35 am
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gofer thought bg was the best .  getting beer drink  fucking in front of a house on spring valley.  then o that couch  it must have been a bad dream.

screw that warped fat beer pig more less, it ant here no more . some purple people eaters found there lunch.    gross it used to feel good cuming inside the el pig  , number nine dream.

Advice from skid row
August 14, 2013, 8:55 pm
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 ant never heard of no one say about a threat.  To  some one that’s human .  Hey they can track down so and so.  Gofer don’t believe so and so don’t think before they act.   Parden  the lite.  Yea there was a blue lite above the trees on hwy 1093.       

There is people that are at the bus stop near clay road that can help. Oops no bus gets out here now.

Help the dinos near the Paluxy River

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Hello u lazy assssss security guard near hwy 529 and eldridge  steet.   Fred made this

post blog just for u.   Yea yo mexcan  or that hog nose snake .  Don’t that rock look like a piece of chinga ?

Hells bells whos going to take there time to read this ?  Don’t u know yo be in poverty for ever.  Hey why not

celebrate the Owner of that security company great success in life.   The rest got to be down and out all ways.

April 14, 2013, 9:32 pm
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Hello all u Art Bell fans.  A space creature made me put this on here.

weird space news
January 10, 2013, 12:05 am
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4571_original Yes grocho may drive a nasa ufo to hwy 529 to just see.

There nose is all screw up . Pall Allen ant sleeping tomorro night no way , just wear that get up and have sketer spray, monster water 3 san chiches radio that works .  That bible retarted book.  Pancho dont have to do this the rest of for ever.  Yea thats kempwood full moon.  Hey Obama better leave Texans guns alone.

Kempwood mex dance
October 21, 2010, 12:02 pm
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O hello out there.  Yes they really made a federal case out of fagism last night.  Well today this mexican did sone thing about it.  O this fellor he drug out the sleeping bag out side and put the dick in side and started jerking off.  It must have felt so good to get off.  In the process no more cum stored.   Well u know this mexican will go to the gulf bank street and cut or add seals o yea.  O thin do the beautiful scan the men.  Slowly he wil become a homosex.  Well where is mity burger ?  O this fellor got to go get some hary gloves now i guess.  They been nakd on the bed resting. Hells bells they cant keep on past ways.  And then the place needs to be clean.  Hells bells they was at a stop sign and went to sleep by mistake today.  No all this it just a lie.  Really there at matagorda beach and resting in a van.  Is this good enough for all the preverts out there that are from the big house in Hunstville,Texas ?  O cafig wonders how it feels to be sucked by a man ? Yes thats homosex.

Potty mouth democrats
October 20, 2010, 3:15 pm
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Yes they got sex cults at camble and kempwood. O they go to the store late at night and some thine happpens.  Well gofer went to the store and some retarted jack mex wanted to feel the dick and balls.  Thats right.  There was these ladies that said sucky/fucky. Yes this is made up.  Some add on tv shows freight carriers nakded thats right.  Well right now there is mexicans at the stature of liberty that is men looking at each other and striping  having sex.  O this is for all the preverts that eat at that unsanitary food lender at that wash place near kempwood.  Yes the horse place at the pasture is where they gather they used to.  O they had sex with horses and cows and any thing else.  O there is this guardie that likes to look at men all the time.  Garver knows what they will bedoing 12 years from now.  The same as today. Yes the democrats go to hwy 290 and find a normal naked cow and have sex with it thats right.  Hey all the backwards talking UFOS made gofer say what ever is on here.