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its time
December 1, 2015, 9:26 pm
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o yea go back of 9540 kempwood.  there constructing slum apts again for wet backs.  some foolish ghost security guard spussed to go there and watch all night.  them skeeters  and the naked mexcans  try to wake the poor bastard up.  some them words are wrong .  ghost rider would not go out there in the mud   .

moon dog news
November 24, 2015, 7:59 pm
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Well some are willing to pay for gas that’s 12 dollars a gallon,  so they can have turkey dinner.   The gas is like 1.66 a gallon.   Hells bells there is  no moon dog news.   THAT NOT TAKING enough vits may cause rickets.  That’s where the ligiments swell up  on the knee and hurts like hell. Drink lots of cranberry juce and no more ain in the knee.

yeast burger
November 24, 2015, 7:42 pm
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Its too gross.  There is this may be les that makes a hamburger out of yest infection.  Don’t u know that’s nasty.  Once gofer met a real fat at the woodlands.   Told me they had there fat less.  Then  gofer found out they had yeast.  Gofer actually put there hand it it .  All jucy it was and hands were washed .   After a while poor peter could not take the fat.  Any way a great headjob filled the.

strange kempwood news

Yes they  said 20 for both nights for that 72 reunion.   That is free food and drink  limited.

Yea just hold off on drink for 1 and later at the cave have a pARTY.   Unknown  to the

kempwood hog snakes seems like a good idea.    Yea Fred saw what looked like a hog snake trying to

hide.    Those  snakes  like to curl up with the bag lady on hammerly.    Now that’s 7 sentences.

Hells bells got to sit out in the padio at SWJR and make a paper.   That’s so fin easy.   Hells balls.

Talk  about  bragg road,patterson street, 1972.   Or any thing else

need ufo candy news
April 6, 2013, 11:15 pm
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dsuckThe gofer is getting tired of playing with papa.  Yea dont do no good. And strains that muscle.  Any way thats sorta aobsceen jester in the picture i guess.   Any way  bet they do that in Africa some where .  There was this so called revealing a girls body by hand . On the smut box.  That what a driver named larry  said (playing with papa).    Any way gofer needs to crash soon.

security guard luni bend near hwy 529
January 12, 2013, 5:09 pm
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Yea there is a ab guard smoking a ciggeret that goes in a entrance looks around and leaves.  What a gloyious thing to

accomplish .  Getting paid may be 11 a hour for gas. Its that same purede that had that account at sweetwater.  Telling

Bob how hot it was  there.   O mycialw, the airport is gone plus the biggie  sweetwater.   Why of course Harvey still with

them o yes. May be may me not.  If he cook foods for that nurse home on blalock just go back there and loose weight.

But i bet he cant.   Who evenn cares what CSS told BOB .  Too many fibs.  Even all this above the man in the moon

put it on here   .  Well thats the glory hole news for now.

Places in Spring Branch
January 12, 2013, 8:32 am
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I found out how old that house on soway street is.   Long time ago i think i lived in it. The address is 2707 Soway.

Yea it was a rent house built in 1959. And here is another house i lived in . The real estate company must have

changed the date it was buit.  Any way it looks like a different place these days. Of course it was in 1994 that some

one moved.  Yes 3303 Spring valley (1965) thats the address . I walked around that circle and saw like nothing

changed  except.  Yea i know many will say who is putting that on here ?  Im not telling .