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frankenstine and the washington dc
July 22, 2009, 9:01 pm
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Hello all u goodles. Thats right  hate all anglos.  U know i hate em to  o yea. Just string em up. Na im bull shitting u . Well frinkinstine just visited a house on spring valley street. Its near kempwood thats right. There is this big tites girl that felt of the dick thats right. Long time ago.  Any way how is the

kempwood swimming club these days ?  Did it
ever exist ? Whats with that black guy on the near corner with the
fence gone. I know he dont live there. He just visits.  Hells bells
guess what i go naked in the shower sure do. I got to shower soon
since i went to the store.  What else is there to say  on here.  Wear
fresh underware for starters.  What else ? Some moron says i
dont write worth a crap. Do u think i care. Lets see ill get like 5 or 6 hors of rest tonight.  Even if puttin warm water on the dong cause it tingles stop it. Thats self sex. There is this viedo on multiply that is kinda grose. This girl is naked and bending on the bed and lettin this big dog put its thing in her. That is discusting. Them donkey shows are /,.’,;’k, / I heard this drunk guy gets on stage and fucks or tyes to this lady with big tits . And the doney show the donkey puts its rock in on a lady and has a fit. That is lnjojoj/  Any way its time to take
a shower with that some one near henderson. I would no rubber used. I dont know . Time is flying by.           

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