Texas Moon

kristan2 go
July 23, 2009, 11:19 am
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U know there both in that car eating human flesh thats right.  I eat at mity burger all the time yes they put legs feet liver intestines in

there burgers. Who ever they are in that video they need to put clothes on thats right.  Well any way there is tons applying at this temp place. And at spot sec on jones road they just dont want some one that dont wont to work at BARC. Thats the city of Houston Dog pound.  Its rank over there. Get insults all the time cause of the white man did this and that. Never go back there no way.  Thats just too bad there so picky.

They said send it to so and so. Well i figure they already have accounts there at the city.  Experience well i tell u what.  I been to dangerous place in Hous as a security guard.  Staying awake and ths and that well i done my share. Jensen drive, near forest park cemotory on 45, pawn shops, that place near hilcroft and 59.

I dont need no excuseitis. Hells bells i could right a book on adventures as a security guard.