Texas Moon

pulling the mule
July 28, 2009, 11:42 am
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U know  that feel good. Yes its homosexual so what. Yea one time i 

was at that club on 34 street. Ues up stairs with shorts on. Back then

it did not cost 80 dollars to go up there.  Any way this dancer sat next

to  me o yea. The dancer unziped my short and  i got hard as hell.

She felt of my dick and  started rubbin it.  I cum and cum and cum.

WELL any way long time ago i was at center fold. Yes i was on the

first floor. Tis lady dancer that know me from Austin nearly pullled

the dick out of my pants .  I should had given to chairty 70 to go up

stairs. Did not have to use a skin dont guess.