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Put me on that blog list ? 9540 kemp
July 14, 2009, 9:41 pm
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naked kempwood

Hello before beauti crash they got to put out the news.  Thats right.

There going to let that place go to hell they dont care.  The grass needs cuting.  Hells bells there is lot in the parking lot each day.  FS from Russia is ok i guess.  Getting the xhit is hell.  Well  gorf dog is gettin week an tired.  Thats right its on kempwood.

Well hello naked mexican human wolf ladies .  Few more sentences and some one has to crash.

ye certan security company plays app game
July 14, 2009, 9:25 pm
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GIter u see is deeply sorry for the inconvence of telling on that company. But hells bells .  That going to that warehouse and talking to that old bag lady that has a rotten rotten temper tamtrum. Yes

she is that old lady security guard at that funk gate a that ware

house.  Telling me all kinds of do that s and not do this.  And then fially  sayings thats a interview and then say to the office u go.

Hells bells coar had already been there. O i get to funk office and the gofer says call u back.

Then this time garbe go to that stink office in blue jeans cause that kind of work is low scum . O the others in slacks for just a job . Wait and wait and then they say will call just playing some one for a sucker.  Never go back there. Guards come in there bring there

uniforms back that tells u righ then and there some thing.

grosese fat plob on telephone road
July 14, 2009, 12:57 pm
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Hello out there fat hpd . I can not believe there is a fat pig except u

The ones i seen on kemwood there tough and rough.  Any way why

would any one want to work at that TDHS as a guard .  Standing and

parnce around and baby sitting they dont make no money just 9.70 a

hour may be. O a clown had been watching them carrry a gun,

mase,hand  cufs,radio. Breaks all right thats what the security guards

do all the day long. They dont produce results. Craddad would not

put with that too long. The next time garf the ridder goes to that zoo

they will shave .