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kempwood poty sex ghost
July 21, 2009, 3:24 pm
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grose burg

grose burg

Thats right ever one . Are u there in Spring

Branch ?  Well hell the next thing ill do is 

have a picture of the john thats right.

O how is kempwood street doing ? Is it still

there after all these years of the mexicans using the bath room

on it ? And where is the pig these days ? O where is that lady thats

black and has huge tits . Once she was at the near the gate. Catfish

thinks she is a dancer. Any way im tired i need some bud beer. 

Bg u can go get me some . And sneek in . I gofer dont want no

creature to see u .  Just knock and get in . I want to feel your saggin

tits.  U can put your mouth on the dick, there is lots of cum in it.

Lets see u can be on the internet o yes. Just let me plug in the web

cam. I goer want ever one to see u naked and that fat. I dont care if

they see my dick in side u. This is a rated blog thats right. No the man

dont pull the mule no more. Rather have a nice lady do me good.

Yea i know all about the area out here. But wait there ant going to be

no pig from hammerly here no way. Some time may be there will be

some one thats got brown hair and so good looking. But first i got to

get the wick wet a few times before that.  How is going up gessner

these days to hwy 290 ? Get to see such things as scum bags.

O once some one rode a 15 speed down it  and some hook straddled

 the front tire . Should had taken her advice. Any way how is the

news on kprc tv ? Is it the same old crap ?