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o yes barbarba
December 13, 2015, 2:35 am
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gofer thought bg was the best .  getting beer drink  fucking in front of a house on spring valley.  then o that couch  it must have been a bad dream.

screw that warped fat beer pig more less, it ant here no more . some purple people eaters found there lunch.    gross it used to feel good cuming inside the el pig  , number nine dream.

bg naked ?
December 2, 2015, 8:37 pm
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just who in there right mind would want to see the pig that way.  yea some

yankey said the bg is a pig.  that could be true.   last time gofer seen el pig

was in there car. o yea . had sagging sorta. and fat.

kempwood so called news
June 8, 2013, 9:09 pm
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Well some fancy pants has said some thing about Afganistan.  May be it   was the newest craze just like

in Commie China .  Hells bells i dont care  even if i had 2 beers thats not enough.  Yea i know the beer

bell rings at 12.  Any way i heard B Orilley talk about that show thats in black and white, made in

1960 i guess.  Man these old shows bring back memories.  U know i looked at these make overs

of 1955 wow.   Sweet memories of Glen rose , Marlin and the rest.  But im not devoling whats real.

O Ashley and P. O  i might need another beer.  But i amigine  a magarita  is better.  Excuse me for calling

fancy pants that.   Yea i seen cody up there she was ok.  Yea i had this strange idea of going to neuman

drive and going by that house .  But it may  be too much. Those hidden memories.  But going to grace

street to that old house.  To gofer its forever.  Yea there is a land mark memorial in front.  Yea old

dave u could  been right all along.

ufos bug dancers at the strand galvetson
April 22, 2013, 12:57 am
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kempwood ufos

Hello u know what that is ? Those are democrats that dont want u to have guns.   Yea flower knows about hwy 71  near

Marble, Texas.  Lofer  is kinda beginning to get wilted. Dont u love those bacteria laden things ?   YeA the Pigmes

in Africa get em and eat em raw . They say it makes the dick bigger. Any way just get on that road that goes to

Konze u will see some thing in the horizon.  A blue light or some thing like that.   Years ago Ferd went to Lake

Travis and saw these hippies take a bath in the lake.

O the monday night
April 6, 2013, 11:29 pm
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Such a educational thing to be transfixed at.   Going from  Mars to pluto many times.  Then listen to Castro in Cuba. One of them antennas in Brizil may do the honors.  Them prehistoric  sketters  will try to bite.   

Young life

Yea gofer knows the time.  Its not back in 1972.  Gofer guesses it was worring if graduate that empty place.

Just keep on saying slow leaner and  all that crap.  Lofer will ignore it.   Well hows the pretty guarde doing there.

6 or 7 what nose picks.  Hells bells walk 3 ways in a trance .   O this young life – is it on face book ?   May be

kempwood goes naked for low life is on there.    Its getting warm in here have the ceeling fan on.   So now

want to know about Gray Small well.  They moved to Dallas cause of the hurrican.  There are actually bugs

that are searching for food on the floor—- not really.

muddy ufo news for hwy 290
January 12, 2013, 10:49 pm
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I just dont know. Pancho has seen some one in the raw in that motel room  during the rodeo that time, sure was good.

Seen bag lady long time ago  for dick time.  Go away spider lady .  Hells bells did not know the time just flue by.

Had problems with the giant nose.  Orange juce cured it probably.  Why does the limyes  that long calls em want to

read what  a Long Tall Texan puts on here ? O Jerry Jeff Walker sings about London  and marble art station .

Any way its getting near the end of the trail presently.  There is no muddy news thats just made up.   Yall did not

know that the Tonkin Resolution was all made up . It sure was by the one and only LBJ.