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who is reading sex stories n texas ?
March 26, 2009, 4:58 am
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U know its early in the morning ,in fact its 7 am.  There is  that fat lady walrus here to day .  Good morning how are all the mexcans on kempwood.  Are they all naked and standing near the statue of liberty.

Looks like they are naked from here.  Any way all there doing is waiting for the school bus.  That bus takes them to a naked high school called swhs, thats right.  Each friday they have a pep rally yea, and some principals daughter shows here tits off at the rally thats right this ant made up . May be it is, since its 1972 all over again.  What a thrill going to bear creek park and feeling of her tits and seeing her naked.  Her big tits on my dick i cum o hot stuff.

No i dont use a rubber i ant pg or nothing.  No she never got in me. Cause Terry is married and it wont work.  May be i saw her once at wm and did not know who she was.  Just looked or tryed to at her tits. Who cares.  All this is made up.  Catfish is tired again and needs to crash.  They kinda can smell them self and need to take a shower. 

No catfish likes to smell like a virman o sure.

The Way it is: by catfish
December 16, 2008, 11:34 pm
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Where was i ? O the settle ments in new England. Well the folks from england came over to put up towns and things.  Soon king george 3 in england forced laws on the folks that they hated . Then came the declaration of independance in 1776. And gradually the USA was formed .  Then came 1836. I know im skipping alont of history. Well the spanish got kicked out of mexico and it was independant. The next thing there was Santa Anna a strong man. There was many settleers in Texas that mexico said ok to . But soon the Texans did not do what mexico said so . Santa Anna with all mexican and indians marched to this little fort called the Alamo.  Well some one called  William Travis drew a line in the sand. Ever one came to Travis except one black man.

This man went throuh Santa Annas army line and told Sam Houston. ~ Excuse me with out the battle of the Alamo there would be no USA or Texas ~  Any way Houston had time enough to gather many man to go zig zag to that San Jacino.  Yes the mexicans got the ass kicked hard.  So in a few years there was another war it was a bloody mess 1861 – 65.

Im skipping over things in history.  So now its 1929 the great depression- the only thing we have to fear is fear its self (SAID FDR) He made many gov programs some good some not.

Then  Hitler,JAPAN. Yea in 1941 Pearl Harbor was attacked by Japan but later they paid a price.  Then Russia the commies took east europe. And there was JFK. Yea i kinda remember nov 23 . It was a sad day. Every one crying and sad. Then came LBJ o the new frontier and his joke that war. Then came the beatles .  Yea some one was in SWHS when tricky dick nixon won that land slide. Then came water gate.:1974}     O that Jimmie Carter what a discrace i guess. Then came our great President Regan. Russia, the berlin wall.

Well it had to happen the first gulf war  stormin – norman.  Well there was a fellor named George W Bush.

And now bail out city, the economy , muslams,iraq, global warming what a joke,  getreal1

December 5, 2008, 1:41 pm
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I guess thats how its spelled.  Used to live on

spring valley many years ago. Them and the

Taylors.  Well bg i know was fucking  Art Centeno

and Greg ? So what gofer got there shair.

That got old .  So gofer went to these certain

places . Some times got happy.  Im i revealing

top things so what ! Its been 25 years or so who

cares.  I dont see bg no more cause there fat and

grose looking.   Yea i met some one called

Dan,  hes like a stranger these days.

But i bet if i got a real degree and a good emply

i would  meet some one he knows . Yea hes from

Mi. that state where its real cold .  Well any way

that from Boling, Tx seems to be ok. And Clute.

Any way i dont know who Dan is.

There is a lady on Walt and Jhonson that clame 

she is bi sex.  Is that just a act or what ?

Thats a good program to listen to. U learn things

about whats really going on in the world.