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sex dreams
December 14, 2015, 8:26 am
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that’s right going to a place group sex, could feel it almosr see peter  going in,  stand up and In it goes.   gofer guess cause have not had in so long.

How to loose weight
June 22, 2013, 1:22 pm
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Don’t go for those loose adds on tv. They just there to make money. Yea I tryed walking to gessner and
back with out water. It was so hot I had to get a shade and stay a short while. Well this time its
round the track at NB. Bring water. WeAR shocks. Yea some one just slept too much . Its rough to take pounds off
theses days. But walking 3 or 4 miles in the sun really does some thing. Then get back and take a cold shower.
I would not go to Memorial Park may be ita a good place to exercise.

Nav Boot Camp – the way gofer saw it
January 23, 2011, 3:49 pm
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Hells bells u go to affies on san jancinto street and they bull shit u. Then say that pledge (u dont know any thing) . Then ist in the bus i guess ? O the plane ride  to know where.  Then u sit inthe squares ?  Who cares. Why even put any thing about that u went through hell.  Of course then get drunk and shit face.  O there is this room where all the fools are. And there she is a naked black slime.  U close the eyes and have a rubber on and put it in. All this never happen.

Phone games for retarted sec guards
January 22, 2011, 1:03 pm
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O yea u think pancho dont know there game. Hells bells those retarteds expect u to stay by the horn and lock step with them. Fuckem.  U start that and it wont end.  Who wants to freeze there ass off . Thats what they do stay at the fucking craper and get sick.  There is no way in hell going to stay out when its 30 out side and wind is 10 miles a hour.  Thats like 20 degres out side.  Find some fool that answer the horn . Plus gofere needed much rest last night and not going 30 gd miles unless its 16 ot hor that will not happen at the slave place.

Potty mouth democrats
October 20, 2010, 3:15 pm
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Yes they got sex cults at camble and kempwood. O they go to the store late at night and some thine happpens.  Well gofer went to the store and some retarted jack mex wanted to feel the dick and balls.  Thats right.  There was these ladies that said sucky/fucky. Yes this is made up.  Some add on tv shows freight carriers nakded thats right.  Well right now there is mexicans at the stature of liberty that is men looking at each other and striping  having sex.  O this is for all the preverts that eat at that unsanitary food lender at that wash place near kempwood.  Yes the horse place at the pasture is where they gather they used to.  O they had sex with horses and cows and any thing else.  O there is this guardie that likes to look at men all the time.  Garver knows what they will bedoing 12 years from now.  The same as today. Yes the democrats go to hwy 290 and find a normal naked cow and have sex with it thats right.  Hey all the backwards talking UFOS made gofer say what ever is on here.

the scam at 9540 kempwood or mexican ville
July 10, 2010, 7:38 am
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Thats right .  That fin office dont give a dam. All they care about is money. There lettin the grass be tall as hell.  And they switch managers so they can say any amount u give. They rig up there records so it will be erased.  Call gofger a trouble maker or what ever.  O and u tell the orricle office some one is scoping out the place and they dont care.   O it use to be painted pimk out side but they make it look pretty out side.   The person who owns the place is the same one as before .

x rated security guards some where in h town

Hello out there all u bozos.  Still doing the robotic bull shit all u clown security guards near gulf bank in h town. Doing the same thing over and over.  O i gofere like to scan o to look at mens hary legs gives me a thrill.  O it sure does.  U know those jackasssss put or make up any kind of bs to put on that moronic report just to get brownie points.  Just keep on being there on a fixed rate no beinfits no noting.  Craw fish is fucking tired .  Well frag dragged them selfs to the cave and fixing to crash deep.  Hadnt had sex in a while not interested so tired . Well where is patterson road thats where big foot is.