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Potty mouth democrats
October 20, 2010, 3:15 pm
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Yes they got sex cults at camble and kempwood. O they go to the store late at night and some thine happpens.  Well gofer went to the store and some retarted jack mex wanted to feel the dick and balls.  Thats right.  There was these ladies that said sucky/fucky. Yes this is made up.  Some add on tv shows freight carriers nakded thats right.  Well right now there is mexicans at the stature of liberty that is men looking at each other and striping  having sex.  O this is for all the preverts that eat at that unsanitary food lender at that wash place near kempwood.  Yes the horse place at the pasture is where they gather they used to.  O they had sex with horses and cows and any thing else.  O there is this guardie that likes to look at men all the time.  Garver knows what they will bedoing 12 years from now.  The same as today. Yes the democrats go to hwy 290 and find a normal naked cow and have sex with it thats right.  Hey all the backwards talking UFOS made gofer say what ever is on here.

Free Speech
April 30, 2009, 10:43 pm
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atsHey bozo i goger can put on here any thing i want to.

Thats right .  Dont care if the holy democrats dont

like it.  Or the Elephant.   I can put on here about the

Bill Burns at Professional guard and Patrol or young security. Hell i

dont care.  Even about masterbaiting.  Well soon goper will crash.

That place near hollister and 290 is the dullist thing to do.  Dont

produce nothing.   Any one can be a guard checker.  Yea if that pig on

hammerly was here.  Do ever kind of sex act i could think of with

 her.  She is fat thats right.   Forget that idea. 

Hells bells u know that 77 hours a week is almost a killer . U cant

function after a while. Never get enough sleep.

Well bogoe is putting things on here just random  ideas.  That are all


Spring Branch fun place
April 30, 2009, 10:28 pm
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2009There is a place near 290 and hollister. Well the security guard there .  I garbed suppose they are well sitting in there car or in side now. Any way its a lazy ass thing to do .  Rite down tag numbers on moronic cars.  And they call there mother every 2 hours to be sure there not sleeping.  So whats there to do there besides that o walk in a dum founded way around the place.   Yea there is a club right accross the way.   They try to bull shit u scaring. Gofer lofer saw them windows open 20 years ago .   O at 1130, 130, 530 the master wants u to right the tag mumber down so to prevent sleep.   What else ?  Be a moron to whats really going on.

Dino saur tracks / fake man tracks

Well there in the paluxy river i made some man tracks and i plucked em out .  What? Thats right i use to live with the dinosaurs. Last nite they had a party in that river it was a beer drink sex party the dinosuars had sex with me and i sliped in the mud.  

Yes there is a fat ass mexican that sleeps any time in a chair at 9540 kempwood apt 114.  And leaves the door open.  Who cares any way.

Im concerned with walking accross the dam at the paluxy river.  I can do this naked o sure.   Any way its 71 degrees there in Glen Rose.

That fat ass needs to unzip a zipper and pluck it out.  And put his mouth on it.  Please start sucking so the dumpster cats u feed can watch.  I gocfe really need this done .

Yes go to hwy 290 some where and get on 6.  Its up to u.  Go past Navasota,College Station .  Go to 340 i guess and get on it.  There is the lake there stop and have sex with a man or a donkey female . Its all normal.  Then go to mederian if u can find it.  Its a wonderful trip.  U can see the folks in the cars are all naked thats right.  In fact there is a naked kinda fat lady thats 4.11 and 156 pounds here now feeling of pancho.  Thats my dick.  I have to put my dick in that  tight pussy.

First they need to get on top . It goes all the way in.  Now this is all lies.  Yes the preverts and swingers need to have a party here.

Im ready to do 2 ladies at once.  They got to have big tits and not be fat.  Well they can be little plump.  No men can feel me or suck me. Lets all get naked and see things.

UFOS over h town
October 5, 2008, 3:20 am
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h town

h town

Really i went out side and saw this,. I cant explain it.

to socialism we go
October 3, 2008, 6:02 pm
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Hello ever one that includes Austin,Waco,San Marcos,Dallas,Galveston,Hico,Marlin,Houston,Drift wood,College Station.  Come on now vote for the chosen one OUR HOLY GOD OBAMA.

There is a lady that has her face on here . O she must love Obama HOPE FOR CHANGE. Why not right this min. get G Bush and put him in prision ? Dont y’all hate him he sole the election. Please us democrats install the chosen one right now. Cause OUR HOLY GOD OBAMA is for hope for change.

Why have a stupid election any way ?

I say this to that logic bull crap on that idea.  I cant stand OUR HOLY GOD OBAMA . He voted with all the rest of the morons to make 700 billion more dollars. U will see when OBAMA goes to the white house door . U think thes days are bad just wait.  Obama and Karl MARX .

things on here
October 3, 2008, 12:16 pm
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the truth

the truth

Hello out there in cyber space. What do u want me to put on here ? I know what time it is. O i could put aout that so called debait last nite, the astrodome, cults on kempwood,snow jobs,lazy ass security guards,warehouse jobs, exercise,Richard Nixon,ww 2,jaws the movie,mexicans,alabama,hurricans,streakers,