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Strange news UFO Style
August 19, 2013, 3:43 pm
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Now the NSA says after all theses years there is station 51

or what ever its called.  But there is a top secret

cave under 9540 kempwood .  Gofer swares  by it.

Well any way there is a place on Wallisville  road thats

dangerous for the special slow thinker to be at.

Yea gofer walks late at night looking for UFOS.

There ant no lights back there.   Any may be snakes,

and other creatures.  No that’s a lie gofer lofer  just needs

lots of crash time may be at the deep end of

barton springs.  

strange news for hwy 290/el dridge
August 13, 2013, 9:59 am
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Yea strange all right.  Just don’t eat too  much food and have 2 monsters. Hell gofer bets

its fun to find that old cemetery at Spring, Texas. What u do when u got to go pp 

near wallisville road.  Yea its a ways from el dridge and hwy 290.  But bring a big spot

lite.  Walk back where no lite is.  Then unzip the fly and feel lots better.  Now back to

blue lite cemetery.  O there once was a hole in the fence.  But as u can see on google

maps there ant no hole no more.  Well its not too wise to be tromping in the field to get

to the place.  There may be a surprise in the weeds.     

strange kempwood news

Yes they  said 20 for both nights for that 72 reunion.   That is free food and drink  limited.

Yea just hold off on drink for 1 and later at the cave have a pARTY.   Unknown  to the

kempwood hog snakes seems like a good idea.    Yea Fred saw what looked like a hog snake trying to

hide.    Those  snakes  like to curl up with the bag lady on hammerly.    Now that’s 7 sentences.

Hells bells got to sit out in the padio at SWJR and make a paper.   That’s so fin easy.   Hells balls.

Talk  about  bragg road,patterson street, 1972.   Or any thing else

tired as that
June 7, 2013, 10:28 am
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screw the gov. getting all the info. hey obama there is UFOS landing on kempwood now.  Dogs

are let out from space craft and there naked.  Fuck ploto is tired.  They tryed to rest past 1.

It was rough.  Of course so and so from a oil co can go on vacations. Cause they planed on how

to retire.  Hells bells some one kept on saying get a job then get a better one.  It dont work that

wAY.  O you can keep on doing that tiull hell freezes over .  Just do the securrity guard and

ware house deal till 100 years. That trying to stay awake and not mush sleep dont work too

well.  Yea its going to be near 91 at a beach tomorrow. That means hot .  Its not wise to stAY

in the sun for a long time even if there is lots of clouds.  

So u want to know
March 2, 2013, 10:08 pm
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Well that place is Hawii yes . Lots of wild west is going on now probably.  Last time

pacho was there was in the 1980s . More or less a slave on a tin can.   Non rate

controled all the time.  O yea meeting this lady at the nav store x what ever it was called.

Took her a long time to measure the inseam. Any way the sand was hot on the pure

white  beach.  Yea the nav did bozo rong thats history.   Well wish some one would take

out the garbarge.  Since its cold out .  Its nearly 50 below zero near H town.  i ant lieing

just go down town  and take a bath in buffalo bayou .  There is no way in hell. 


Living on mars,budwiser,great sex
March 17, 2009, 12:08 pm
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 Iwonder if ill ever see when they go to mars.

Seems like just a dream.  U would have to take a

hospital and ever thing else.  Rather go to the

moon, if it cost just o .   There is creatures already here on earth

there at groom lake. Thats right.  I been to that top secret place in the

desert.  O yes.  The got v shaped craft that go over nw houston all the

time.  There is this lady from mars there i have met her and had sex

with her.  She is at hanger 13.  U know drinking ice cod budwiser is

good make u relax and sleep.   Then ufos fly above where u are and

a beam of lite send u to the ship.  These ladies that have big tits and

clean and tight pussy enjoy your body there from mars and fly

around in the ufos.

kempwood and caddett art bell ufo goodie
November 27, 2008, 11:37 am
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 Hello i talk  to Art Bell o yea. Mr BELL talks to rocks and sees big foot in down town Houston.  Well  now where is down town, its at  19401 hwy 249 o yes it is. 

There will be the guard checker there at may be 1210 to make sure quarts is there tonight.   And when i giant catfish is doing this ditribe  there consuming bush beer.

They sure is sick and tired of being a slave.  Yea.  Really there going to kYLE Field today its in College Station . No thats a dam lie.  I bet walking down congress street and have a brusky is ok .  U can see many things there like naked catfish. 

But really going to Granbury which is kinda far is ok these days since the gas prices are low.  Ant i rambeling on and on about different things.  Who reall cares