Texas Moon

Why did u cut me off while ago ?
March 2, 2011, 7:40 pm
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Who ever is doing that stop ! Just because u want to sneek in and steel information and then sell it. I got ever right to say any thing on here.  Are u the asshole from that place on sweetwater ? Hells bells im tired of that.  Scanning those men then u get the idea to be with them. And be a homosex. I dont want to do that but it would be interesting . O yes a man feels my dick and then sucks it.  Thats grose. Any way gofer did ues to choke the chicken true or false ?  O u see i went to go pp while ago. O yes i did . Is that ok ? Well that pof is a bull crap deal. Im sitting complaining about things. I guess its cool out side. O there is not in site of the ghost lite near Saratoga- its all lots of lies.

nots off yes
September 3, 2009, 11:50 am
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bend over

bend over

Well here it is no one wants to read this no more. So ill spice it up.

Its called selling cum or get off.  The last time sex was on here lots of

fellows got off to it.  There must be lots of men that are marrried and

like to watch men naked. O i once took a shower at some college at

Brenham.  I sware this black man was horney as hell in the shower.  Any way i been to

Can coon once and this taxy driver felt of my dick . It was in club 21.  I dont like men doing

that.  May be in the shower a fat lady sharon can try to jack me off with soap.  Nothin


the 290 area
February 1, 2009, 6:56 am
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 Hello  well one day i decited to walk to gessner and

kempwood to take this picture.

This one place
December 16, 2008, 8:59 am
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Dam thay got this blog that shows japan girls . Wish i could meet

em. My dick needs exercise.  I got so much cum in side my dick.

No i dont need no pills.  Just to get n the shower with a lady thats 

not fat wold be a miricle.   DO some thing fir 4 or 5 hurs in my bed.

Use lots of skins and if clean lick that tail.  Dam it would be rambo

sex time.

Frozen 19405 hwy 249 ja guard checkers
December 11, 2008, 11:34 am
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Hey u sobs.  Why go out there and act like u are gods gift to guard checking.

Uant bull shitting gofer i know your games.  Freeze thy funi ass off and u try to catch thy sleeping .  How in the fuk is to sleep when its 29 degrees out side.

Thy needs a wool hat thats right.  Thy had to pee where ever.  What u goint to do this time play your retarted game again.   What thy needs is a el terry to get thy hard one hot and in side the  black barn.

Thy got back and got lettle pizza and snopps then had to get up with 230 hours sleep and pp.

Yes thats not enough bed time. Gofer knows that.  Terry the cat can get in the sleeping bag and be involoped woth tad poles .  Thats right .

All whats on here is just a dream from 1972 .  Any way there is a top secret cave under barton springs i live in.  The gov constructed it for thy and 3 female wolfs.

UFOs land near hollister
December 8, 2008, 1:18 pm
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Hello all u good looking morons at 19401 hwy 249. Hope yall guards enjoy doing nothing all the time out there. O u can play pocket pool i guess .  Or see how big her tits are if she unbuttons her shirt.

Well its called side action.   Dont know rathere have a female wolf feel me dong.  Cause u know im black colored if u please.

The gofer is sotra tired gettin there.  Tryed to do as much as they  could with out sleep.  That dont work too well. Where is that terry ?

Her and here snoppy ways. Are they colored or white ? Who knows.

I here the funi mexicans out side hawling at the moon.

Well who ever u are just unbutton the shirt and gofer will observe your tits.

The hand may feel those two things.

thes mexican naked cult
December 4, 2008, 6:54 pm
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 Yea these mexicans made me put this deal on here.  Thats right i was fixing to go to sleep with a female wolf really.  Well where is that Terry that used to live down gessner to guestine.

In 1972 i guess i did the dirty thats right. I saw ART BELL talk to a UFO.    Well i lied i talk to one my self out in the desert.  Are they finished over there making racket so i cow gofer can take a nap.  Why is there lots of funing cars on 249 in the funing morning.  Dont u know i need my beauty rest.  Hells bells i get irritated when gofer loosed sleep.  Where is Pam that lives near Diboll ? I bet she knows how to get thy dong hot and bothered.

Please dont put rated viedos on utube. Cause they dont wont preverts to get ideas.  ILL do that any way so says the sex cult near campbell and kempwood.