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should had stayed at the tea party last night
July 2, 2010, 12:05 pm
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Some fat grose may be gettin altimers invited me to there place last night. Well i went the tea party at the race track and took many pictures, Joe Pags was there from KPRC. Hes good except for Rick Perry. Yea i got 6 hours of rest last night. I ant neve going to see that fat lady again . I just had to get serviced last night. No more from her. 5,1 and 165 pounds has a gut, a pace maker its puke time. Not really . This fat lady suggested i know the way over there. Forget it. Yea i have prolems but i can fix em. I can find some one else get rid of fat go away .

I never been to that race track before. They have like 500 tv secreens to watch the races and a track. Plus a place for concerts

that kempwood news

O yes gofer wants to be naked with some one really. They ant no man.  But these stange  beings like to see mens legs and o yes they do .  SOME act like there bi u know men and female .  O that would be great  and see that old lady naked but she is short .  Gofer dont care long as there clean and tight.  There is the naked airline i bet there is sex on there plane.  Gofer would get horny as hell .  Any way its allmost time to lick split tail really. Get some peanut butter and jelly sandwitches and a coke.  Yes its hurrican   season u really want to stay here ?  O yes there going naked at that pool . No there not .  Well tomorrow is Friday.

My friends the democrats
October 15, 2008, 7:03 pm
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You all must want to brain wash ever one about OUR HOLY GOD OBAMA. The chosen one. For hope and change.  O get to the white house anti white laws will be passed,suck up to the russians,gov control of everthing.homosex marrige forced, no guns .

Well just try your bull shit .get all guns .no free speech 000 u know what red is its a code word revol.

October 9, 2008, 5:57 pm
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Some one must love OUR HOLY GOD OBAMA. Its bad enough to have stupid ass George Bush and the clone to say they want to own all the banks.  But i love Barack Obama 0 so much, I went to where he was preaching socialist marxism and fainted at the site of our master.

O please mr six-pack and i the hatter the red neck o please i want the chosen one right now to send his clones to arrest George Bush and put him in prison , THERE is no need for elections no more.

U know who is saying all this racist crap these days its the chosen one OUR HOLY  GOD OBAMA.  And that BILL Oriley is sucking up to Obama.

to my democratic friends
October 5, 2008, 7:08 pm
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I think yall dont like John Mcain cause u think hes a clone of George Bush. Keep on counting those votes, blame the surge in Iraq that made it safer over there. I know what yall are about ! I dont like Mcain either.

But YOUR Holy GOD OBAMA is hidding in sheep skin. Yall think if i dont like OBAMA im a hatter a racist a redneck who cares.  Whos bull shiting who. U know what OBAMA really is he is a racist marxist. O now u are going to run your mouth and say im a hatter a red neck a this and that.

Well see what happens when they the clone of obama try to take ever ones guns ~ next will be freedom of speech then gov control of every thing.  Wake up AMERICANS do u want a racist marxist for President ?