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The secrets of ufos
November 15, 2011, 2:22 am
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Thats right. Well i was going to put on here a picture of the front ppart of a cabin. O yes its real. Some where near Rye,Texas. But this lady might get rilled . Any way what a title right. Really its a fossil gofer found ner hwy 67. I guess so and so is pissed off cause some one did not get o the freewway . O if they would had breaks might have locked up. Just think if a ups 18 wheeler had been behind u Screw that idea. I guess no one is going to read this. Yea u put some thing on the net it stays forever.. Yes gofer has been so fin tired to day loss of sleep. What really is sin Rye,Tx ? Just woods thats all. Gofers eyes are bothering them. Yea she is sleeping maay be at the cabin. With others. Black clouds of locus are on kempwood now . There really a ghost from the past.

x rated security guards some where in h town

Hello out there all u bozos.  Still doing the robotic bull shit all u clown security guards near gulf bank in h town. Doing the same thing over and over.  O i gofere like to scan o to look at mens hary legs gives me a thrill.  O it sure does.  U know those jackasssss put or make up any kind of bs to put on that moronic report just to get brownie points.  Just keep on being there on a fixed rate no beinfits no noting.  Craw fish is fucking tired .  Well frag dragged them selfs to the cave and fixing to crash deep.  Hadnt had sex in a while not interested so tired . Well where is patterson road thats where big foot is.

ship channel sea monsters
October 10, 2008, 4:13 am
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meet jaws

meet jaws

 Well dont go fishing there or have a party. U can if u want to . That hurrican ivan made this giant sea monster get in the ship channel.  NO one knows about it except the tree huggers that live or did live on galveston.  Dont get me rong this is all made up.  There is no sea monster in the ship channel.  Thats just for folks not to go to Glaveston again.  The last time old catfish went there the beach sand was dark brown .  Look like it had human waste products in it.

What is that BBC in ENGLAND telling about the stock market these days . Its good to have the gas prices go down inspite of the stock market.