Texas Moon

dirty kempwood 1972
November 6, 2011, 2:42 am
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Well there ant no pictures yet. Yes its 4am in this cave.  Some think gofer lives in a cave under Austin, Texas.  The truth is did UT loose again or what.  Who really cares.  Well gofer saw this scag lady  walking late at nite on hollister.  Any way some one had a birth day today.  Gofer unexpectly got a call from down south.  Dont still know if she is real or knot.  Any way the longer communication is transfered the more its ok.  Now whats the deal with this 12 pack of bud lite ?  U know that type is kinda strong  no stop signs after so many beers.  Who cares – leasst its not that spider lady near Lufkin.

Amous the fat koon
October 22, 2011, 4:42 pm
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 Hello all u retarted pets near kempwood and soway.  U now there is a prevert in the mist. Thats right.  Well goter can describe the creature its a big old koon thats Mr. Democrat o yea. He likes to look at men all the time. Well goter needs a shower and bed time. Now lets all go to the richmond strip and find drag queens.  Mr. Democrat wants gofer to strip naked and get in the shower, then wip the donkey.  U know the dick urns for the spider lady from Lufkin.  Thats right they can stay a hour and open up those legs caause peter needs exercise.

whats new ?
January 22, 2011, 4:13 am
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Well its 526 in the morning and 36 degrees out side. Gofer is here in side with a coat on and just skimpy drawers on.  This cave needs cleaning and gofer is sorta tired.  O the out side has been that way for many years.  O hwy 290 is still there and it goes to Austin. The ochean has not covered up this area in in million years.  Gofer got lots of rest really too much. Nothing is new here gofer is just making up things.  There is no dinosurs patroling listin to Buck Ownes. There is no sex party with the dinosaurs at the paluxy river. Gofer did not make fake foot prints.

yes the first jack asses of the first brainless

Yes im continully researching brainless security guards some where in h town.  O dont it take brains to cut and twist led seals o sure .  Just go to swhs and drop out .  Yes this is a flunkie job.  O there is a blank mondky that likes to look at mens legs and there dong thats rite.  Yes they try to hide it.  There is a nother that says they are a truck driver and cant find a job and bss.  O what a motley crew.  This place my be on campbell road , long pont who knows where else.  Some security clowns used to buy beer thats right  when so called working.   O next well there is a person that fofer knows that needs cum lots of it thats right .  O ye that time in Mexico that taxy dirver was horny as hell.  Gofer was near all those ladies and the cab driver felt of gofers dong.  Any way thats the first time .  O back to the motley guards –  yes the mites got to stand on that fucking concret 2 funk hours .  All this is lies not a smear campain.   Just where is that black lady in Bastrop. She was kinda plump and had the biggest tits .  Yes on the ground and in her car gofer put there don in side her.   And now at the pool o yes they go kinda with  out clothes and piss in it.  Yes galveston is still not clean place that beach is covered with human wast products.  And that water is nasty gray.  A tv station protreys it as a wonderful place to stay .

is kempwood sex cults reading it ?
February 28, 2009, 1:27 pm
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Hey thats right kempoood is rite there. It sure is ? Any way who is reading this garbarge ?

Where is bg ? That used to live on hammerly.

I think she still has black hair.  And a different

sounding voice.  Just come over u swine.   O u must have advanced

since yale pharm.  yEA ITS on shepard that street.  Just knock on

 that great door. Even though the floor has papers on it and as coke

bottle.  I dont care.  First sit on the sofa  let me put my hand in

your shirt.  I see those tits they fell so good.  There ploping out of

the bra i guess u got on .  Here feel my hard dick.  Dont kiss it suck

it.  Now i want to put my hand in your pants. Even though u are fat.

I dont care.  I guess u want to stay a long time . Ok.  Then that

means u want to do ever sex act good.  Come on where the bed is.

Well u can take a hot shower.  Here is a towel to dry off with.

O the bed .  Lay on your stomak .  I want to see some thing.

Ill just rub u down . As i widen your legs.  Im felling her but.

Now im trying to put my wein in there . God that feel so good.

And she dont care.  Now she turned over.  I can see her big tits and

sorta the fat stomak. Futher down is lots of pubic hair.  I try to

find the button and rub it. Her pussy is well kinda jucy already.

I put my dick in it all the way .  Cumming many times . On and on

it goes sex sex so i can get back when i did not have any .

choking the chicken thats right
February 14, 2009, 10:31 am
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chickenHello skelewages,drag queens. The pretty mexcans at 9540 kempwood apt 114, that homo sex each other and the dumpster cats.

Just can u imagine gettin on a couch and puttn the hand on the harry one. O does that feel.

But u take it out of the underware and play with it.  U want it hard.

Get gets hard and u go up and down with it.  That tingel feeling when u cum. Ant that the greatest. Its not homosex nope,its self stimulate.

 Since that black lady ant here u got to do some thing.  She got big

tits and tight pussy i think.  Have to wait for that .

This one place
December 16, 2008, 8:59 am
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Dam thay got this blog that shows japan girls . Wish i could meet

em. My dick needs exercise.  I got so much cum in side my dick.

No i dont need no pills.  Just to get n the shower with a lady thats 

not fat wold be a miricle.   DO some thing fir 4 or 5 hurs in my bed.

Use lots of skins and if clean lick that tail.  Dam it would be rambo

sex time.