Texas Moon

el pronto office right there
July 1, 2010, 2:12 pm
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O yes go there and there is heeps of garbarge on the floor with magits in it. Who put that on here ? Well its true they had to take a crap to day .  Thats right it was dark brown .  Ye its grose.  But not going to the shit house for 3 days causes that.

watching naked acts x rated

The more u see those picurtes the more u want .  Hells bells u can get prevertes fast.  Just wait on the bus down town and watch the nakeds on the srteet corner.  Thats right .  Dont get too excited. And pull out the dick and start jerking off.  That attrates hobos.  O the dogs come around and may take u to a patrol car for a free ride.

other blogers bloges

 Tied of sleeping,standing, siting really doing any thing. O go to the beach that takes effort. Bozo likes to yawn and not get any thing done. Plus look a folks sucking and fucking . Not really but.  No there not disabled. O may be its time to close the book on choke the chicken. And other bad habbits. O that fin place wants u to think your worth less.  Thats right. Well there is the track and gettin food.

mexican kempwood sex cult there is one

O yes there is a sex cult there. Its near the statue of liberty.  Just go in the complex thats right.  They do strange things at the pool. Firs they piss in it.  Thats right its not clean.  Then late at night they let shadow people in . There always naked u see them in the shadows. First they gather around a virgin spanish lady thats 45 really . Then  they knock on a door. O yea  there is proof in the pooding . O years ago some egar knocked on the door and had some lady there . For general things go to walmart and get some frozen chicken.  It sure is good hot.

that kempwood rude and the ghost lite
June 25, 2010, 9:46 pm
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Well just keep on looking at this porn free deal u get preverted thats right.  Then u want to pull it out and get in the shower and latere it down and jak off, o yes.  Well thats ant gong to solve nothing.  O just dont touch the dick thats all.  Save that cum. Yes gofer ant wearing no underware no way .  GO to airline and 45 or mangum where those motesl are there is some time hookers there thats right.   O go get the fat lady from east tx when the urge is great.  GOter can.  If u willing to be a cab driver . Yust talk to her a long time in bed.  Yes she will fast like take off her clothes and be naked .  It dont madder if she is plump.  Have here get on her kees and bend over this is making gofer horny.  Put the dick in the but and cum then wash it oof and put it in the pussy all the way . Con her to stay a long time so u can get the rocks off.  O yes lee gf wants to suck for 10 for get it.  Well no cause pancho has much cum in the dick.

being so f in tired
June 25, 2010, 9:43 am
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Its ok to get a sun tan in the middle of 290 o sure , if u want a free ride and record. Those funking monkeys last nite sit down and stand up .  U dont know what to do .  So your feet got to hurting and never stoped.  Then u lay on the great stone and they still bother u.  Well tos on the chat line are just sittin around eating and going naked . Thats right at there offices.  Yes im not telling a soul where is am .  I could be  taking a bath in the paluxy rive r.  Its like its a milion degrees in Glen Rose.  Who is purrin this on here?  Some moron that cuts and twist led seals.  So hells bells are then they tired from last nite.  They just got 1 hour of rest,.  O foter has been taking about that old crip lady that knows what a dick is.

thats right
August 6, 2009, 9:33 pm
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hope that cloored guy likes the heat. sittin under a big umblr . well the sunwill move the shade to the grass. thats just too bad where u cant sit on the grass in the shade. Who cares any way what if i take a job and the app is at 2p. it sure wont work  go to lea street and be tehere like 6 am be lots of cappers tehere. i m gettin tired vrush teeth sleep.