Texas Moon

December 14, 2015, 10:29 am
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firs was on the t it was parking at near that cave building, cause hurricane winds on the parking area.  then worring about bird man gofer thought.

then it was sex dream group sex , feel.   why not just leave the walrus alone so they can close eyes for a short one.   do u reaize its I’m[possible to get rid of this when published.

o yes barbarba
December 13, 2015, 2:35 am
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gofer thought bg was the best .  getting beer drink  fucking in front of a house on spring valley.  then o that couch  it must have been a bad dream.

screw that warped fat beer pig more less, it ant here no more . some purple people eaters found there lunch.    gross it used to feel good cuming inside the el pig  , number nine dream.

O the monday night
April 6, 2013, 11:29 pm
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Such a educational thing to be transfixed at.   Going from  Mars to pluto many times.  Then listen to Castro in Cuba. One of them antennas in Brizil may do the honors.  Them prehistoric  sketters  will try to bite.   

free speech

I thought some space monster was deniing me free speech i was rong.  May be its being tired again. Or dinero problems.

O yes  the not had any in a long time that may cause it also.  O its not telling hot to get to Granbury.  Hell they dont care

who u cut down.   Well i amigine there enjoying there stay up there.   Many trips they go.  Its just staying in the cave

a long time thats the deal

weird space news
January 10, 2013, 12:05 am
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4571_original Yes grocho may drive a nasa ufo to hwy 529 to just see.

There nose is all screw up . Pall Allen ant sleeping tomorro night no way , just wear that get up and have sketer spray, monster water 3 san chiches radio that works .  That bible retarted book.  Pancho dont have to do this the rest of for ever.  Yea thats kempwood full moon.  Hey Obama better leave Texans guns alone.

moon dogs tired
January 7, 2013, 3:16 pm
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Yea thats right.  Hey fellors gupy knows whats going on.  Hells bells have to get head phones or just rad to listen to . OOO dick checker will be there thats right.  Hells bells just go slow around the totem pole.   That kinda doings is not too wise to stay there and rot away.  In fact its easy to fig out there round and round.  O that pretty one sitting at the desk is a bser.  Need to make coffiee an sandwitches for gofer lofer.  Even with a jobie still the same no learn not a dam thing.  Need some pizza may be beer its unknown. Them the op man wooop e do e.  Need back on the ship  no way.  They would find out fast about shi thats right .  Cant go back health reasons dizzy spells .  That chewey pizza sounds so good.


Dingle berry toes

Well there is little kids out side.  O yes the democrats want all guns and sex with under. Homosex marrige.  What else preverts ?


What gofer thinks !

 Well u guessed it . Its the limestone star near the court house in Glen Rose. Any way thats a long way from here.  O gofer is till kinda tired now sleeping all fin day just to be told how to use the magic new wand at the grunt head place. What a skill that is. .  Thay want u to feell worth less and be in there control.  Drink all that mt due did not help much. Water cured it.  Any way here gofer is telling the secrets to life.  Its more or less all the bullcrap near sweetwater street in sink town .