Texas Moon

bg naked ?
December 2, 2015, 8:37 pm
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just who in there right mind would want to see the pig that way.  yea some

yankey said the bg is a pig.  that could be true.   last time gofer seen el pig

was in there car. o yea . had sagging sorta. and fat.

SOME cel reatures demos
June 14, 2013, 6:18 am
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Yea gofer lofer seen it.  Some blue balls deomcrat is using hico67.  Ok if

Nazi can find there uri in space  ,  gofer nofer gona use there id.  But of course

it may be from the NSA center in SA.   Yea nofer found out there is a NSA center

in SA.   Now the so called  el Presidenti is getting a big mess in the middle east.

Dont know whats worse having roaches in the tank or cleaning the rug.

Eat and salt flAKe
June 8, 2013, 12:11 am
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what is that ?  Why of course thats where the NSA stores all the top secret files on every body. No thats a lie.

Hells bells lofer dont know where the 1048 Sample is located.   Yes u know gov what they did to Frankenstine

abord that ship.  Or is it just bad ideAS from the deep past.  Come on now NSA report me lofer cause   no like

Obama Control Care.   U see Fred is sleeping in that pasture right now.


O the monday night
April 6, 2013, 11:29 pm
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Such a educational thing to be transfixed at.   Going from  Mars to pluto many times.  Then listen to Castro in Cuba. One of them antennas in Brizil may do the honors.  Them prehistoric  sketters  will try to bite.   

tired of mexcan rolley poly
March 29, 2013, 7:13 am
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Yea . gotfer got up just to go down blAlock to be disapointed.  Yes the forvorate salvation sleeping center

is closed today. Thats bad cause this weird o was eating some thing in there truck last night in the parking lot.

Then boxo had to find another place to park.    O last nite  was just so interesting.  First had to find a place to pp.

Then press a rabbits tail 3 times .  Skeeters was bad there.  And the clean up creatures drive different cars each time.

They work for the place or or up to no no good.  Who cares.


since they built the astrodome
October 21, 2011, 4:13 pm
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O -yea, u want my take on H town . It may not be the one u like or some  that is opessed with this place may not like whats on here. Who really cares ? Im not like the prevert that likes to look at men. Yes there is such of a creature. Any way its supposed to get to 59 degrees tonight.  The fence neeeds some one to nature it it to night.  Yes its easy to nod off when just sitting in that gulf cart.  O last night just about 3 of em was so tired they went to sleep .  There was the creature, the 18 year old kid and the smoker.  Hells bells why is gofer ssaying this when there in tthe twlight zone.  Any way the astro world used to be on 610 its been torn down . Channel 13 used to be good when MARVIN ZINLER was there.  Yes there was this morroic bag lady that used to go around spring valley waiting  for the gofer .

Strange times abounding

 Yes thats where i live all day long thats right.  At the star of hope. No thats not at tthe star of hope.  That picture is at the church in College Station cream during that hurrican. It was such a delight ful place.  At night they turned the temp down to 50.  Those noises wass bad news.  Any way so how is earth tthese days ? Is the sky falling.  Right now gofer soon needs to crash again.  That a&w root beer and ice cream just is good and is fating.  Any way gofeer did not walk to day cause ther fin tired.   What else the history channel is compairing Our lord Obama with President Reagon. There two opposits.  Any way lets go streaking accrross hwy 290 ok .  No one cares.  U know streaking is runing from a to b in the bear.  U bet CNN has the news about wild wolfs hunting on the prowl near kempwood .  No thats just made up cause on the 31 of this month it will be full moon. So what should gofer do ? Continue to write about the ghost lite at bragg road . Just go to patterson road near bear creek park and wait . Soon   Civil War Gis will will be marching on that road.