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There game
July 12, 2013, 3:04 am
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O yea.   If dumass had cleaned the bath room like  the can full of paper and  looked

to see if all ok still they would have found another excuse.   Yea gofer figures one of

these times not expected.   Some one else that’s got a short fuse.   Any way let them

prounce around like that’s still a federal case.   Don’t care.   Who the fuck is reading

this any way.   But ploto can expose where the points are  and the code to get in the back

gate.   Yea its on hwy 529.   But blow it off empty had more important things to to.

O there is a mexcan guard that parks in front  at night.   There sposed to have

a key to the bath room , that time clock and reports.    Yea hes got a cell phone  and

a gutair.   There is land scAP workers that use lawn mores .  Don’t know whos there

from 7p to 7a.  But they been told to be on the look out for a person they replaced.

So  sorry pancho can read there puny mind.

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