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kempwood so called news
June 8, 2013, 9:09 pm
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Well some fancy pants has said some thing about Afganistan.  May be it   was the newest craze just like

in Commie China .  Hells bells i dont care  even if i had 2 beers thats not enough.  Yea i know the beer

bell rings at 12.  Any way i heard B Orilley talk about that show thats in black and white, made in

1960 i guess.  Man these old shows bring back memories.  U know i looked at these make overs

of 1955 wow.   Sweet memories of Glen rose , Marlin and the rest.  But im not devoling whats real.

O Ashley and P. O  i might need another beer.  But i amigine  a magarita  is better.  Excuse me for calling

fancy pants that.   Yea i seen cody up there she was ok.  Yea i had this strange idea of going to neuman

drive and going by that house .  But it may  be too much. Those hidden memories.  But going to grace

street to that old house.  To gofer its forever.  Yea there is a land mark memorial in front.  Yea old

dave u could  been right all along.

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