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Things known and unknown
March 24, 2013, 11:10 pm
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Yea many moons ago blind driving did happen, never again. Did not get pulled over.

Just driving in a fog more or less. Did not know how i got safley back to the trails .

But i did.  Then once gofer did a stupid thing.  They was in a hurry to leave the place on

sweetwater street . O yea. Going too dam fast down 45 at 610 am.  Had to slam on them

brakes .  For some reason i was spaired a accident.  Then another time bad breaks on

the free way.    Then before that like 17 years ago . Some one in a camero going

40 miles a hour hit gofer when ridding a 15 speed.  Yea some ones head waqs like a

meat grinder hit it.  Yea near the nursing station all the time .  But dont cant remember

the accident .  Just remember being at this peaceful place.  It was like some where when

its time to go .  Some one was at my bed side other than the nurses and doctors.  Like

to know who they were.  Well any way this really did happen that accident.   And then

like in 2009.  Gofer had a problem.  They thought it was bad food they ate.  Tryed to

through up ther guts.  Walked to the store to play doctor. Had to take about 4 or 5 stops

had problems breathing.  Then got back and tryed to rest and hurt like hell the stomak

did.  Made a nearly grave mistaKE driving to the hos.  Found out it wa sthe gull baldder.

It was more than infected.   They took it out.  Gofer woke up in pain , they goav me

meds.  Yea the first 2 days it was like in hell.  Looked at the tv and looked like  face

was glaring at me.  All that nashing and screaming and heat.   Well here it is now

why me ?  I saw parts of the bible on channel 58 .            

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