Texas Moon

Those naked young doolies
March 4, 2013, 1:16 am
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Yes any one can read about a bozo taking a bath . O yes . And soaping the goodies.

But it gets old after a while.  Its not normal to play with papa.  There is this felor

that ask ploto at ups if they played with papa.  It takes a mighty strong iq to tell ye or na.

Dont guess no one is interested in knowing about going in circles.  Well there are

different subjects on here.  The first one is about self pleasure.  The other is going to

this place and being ion a trance for a long time.  Got to bring food and a pen.  Its so

bad that the radio is used to make the air go faster.  Really who would want to stay 15 

hours doing nothing.  Just go p behind some where.  And the reports are like some thing

to do.  Yea Fred wore lop sided pants and they did not care.  Its all all bout warm

body.   Any way there are no space caddets there no way.  And dont have to ride 36

down town at night.      

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