Texas Moon

Hawiee or what
March 1, 2013, 8:05 pm
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Ye gofer knows who is in Hawiee now i guess.  It takes about 100 years to get there.

Probably 6 or bounch is going there . Hell if lofer knows.  But wait dont the largest oil

tank in the world get to have off at so called spring brake. Hells bells gofer lofer now

needs 100 years off . So they can sleep all the time.  Yea gofer did not want to talk to

oil mans prewife cause they is privliged.  Not really its just got to have spme one to

blame for all the years that fucked up.  But that wont work no more.  So there

coverting in one abode .  The moer Fred rites about misgivin the more wasted

time becomes true.  Hell it was so good to eat at RL tonight.  Just think going

to wikeekee beach again after so nany years.  No navass holes to copntrol the

mind.  Yes im writting this for u Ashley , not really . Your with yo husband thats

right.  I dont want to be invited top the under ground wedding.  O yea they got

this guy on KTRH at 8 am and at 5pm.   Just think all that boose i guess and

bed time acts for 5 big ones.

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